I need help I wanna tell my roommate I'm gay

He's a really cool guy and we hang out and chill in his room till like 1 am everynight but I don't want that to stop if I tell him I'm gay
IAmReallyGay IAmReallyGay
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Ha his your friend and how would you feel if a friend lied to you? Dont tell him outright but when you get onto girls just say your into blokes

And why u want to tell him?

Cuz I don't want to hide it. He asks me if I think different girls are hot and once he asked me if I was looking for a gf but u pretended like I didn't hear

Hmmmm and he is ok with other gay ppl?

I dunno. He's always says "that's gay" or "I'm not gay"

How he reacts to gay people?
Is he supportive?
i told my friend ones he is straight even that i like him and that he is hot and he was happy to hear all the compliments 😃 we r good buddy's still after 3years since that day