I came out to the few friends I have, and I still can't tell my family. I haven't made any progress in months
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I agree..."don't put a timeline on it". Three will be a point when it just feels right. Most importantly wait until the time is right for you.

I'm love to be your friend

You will find the right time. DON'T PUT A DEADLINE ON TELLING THEM!!! the right time will present itself.
Just so you won't feel too guilty I was in my late twenties before I told my parents (long story) and in my late fifties when I told the first of my siblings and a year and a half later before I told the rest of them. (I worried over nothing, they are super accepting and supportive)
Look after yourself.

Thanks :) I mean I realize I'm in a very lucky situation because my parents are very pro-gay rights. So I feel like there's no wrong time to do it, and I'm just scared for no reason. I'm not really sure what "right time" I would be waiting for, know what I mean?

It's natural to be scared, so don't give out to yourself.

Now after 5years I still get more support from friends and coworkers.

I told my friends and 3years later my parents 🙈 i am the only child so they didnt take it well. And the disgusting comments from my mom when someting gay came up on tv made it even harder to come out.

Yup, the TV commentary is an issue for me too. I mean, do people not realize that anyone around them could be in the closet?

The one thing made it easier. That I have lived in USA they in europe thought they would digest it in a year when i returned to europe but not really :( some parents cant never take it. 😞

I feel your pain because I'm the same