I've really been wanting to talk to other gay people, because in all honesty every gay guy I've met is the same stereotypical flamer and I just feel like I don't have a lot in common with them. School is starting (more people I don't fit in with) and it'd be pretty rad if I could find someone to talk to. Also if you're shy or whatever and would want to talk to me just add me and I will gladly send the first message~
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I have lived in New York City with many variations of Gay Men & Women, some Butch - some Fem but most don't fit in either category. When I was a Teenager I only saw Flaming Gay Men, than I realized Gay people are everywhere & they aren't all stamped with a Pink Triangle, I just didn't know they where Gay !

Try some of the gay groups when you go to college.
I joined my local gay running club (google frontrunners), I met a lot of different people most of them are what I call "real men".
There are lots of other groups out there for gay people, it's just a matter of finding the right one for you. There is even a gay star trek fan club (that's just weird)
So go out there and find the group of people that you fit in with! and have fun.

Wanna chat? ^^

Sure! :)

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