Again i m in that situation where i love a guy but i really cant tell him that i m love with him...
Why he's so nice to me , why i m so nice to him,
Why he chat with me all night till 3:30 am
If I like him Why i dont have guts to say that :(
I wish i can tell him no girl can love you like me
I love him unconditionally, and i can do anything for his smile
I want to kiss him , and hold him in my arms
and i really want him to say he loves me
If hes not mine its ok , i just want him to be happy in his life
Dreck007 Dreck007
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 25, 2014

There are three possible outcomes
1 He is also gay - magic! - given how much the two of you chat it's strong a possibility.
2 He is straight and homophobic - if he likes you that's unlikely.
3 He is straight and he finds out that you are gay he will still be your friend, statically the most probable outcome.
Like Schrodinger's cat experiment you will never know how things will turn out until that particular box is opened!