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Gay Men On the Net Disgust Me

I have talked to so many guys on the net and they have all been the same.  Almost right off the bat they ask what my **** measurements are and other personal things about my self that are none of their damned business.  There are the old pervs and married guys out there "Do you have a cam" "what are you wearing", etc.  Then there are all the drama queens who are always talking about their ex-boyfriends and how much they faught.  It seems that when most gay men shack up together it is only for this kind of BS.  I don't understand it, do these guys get their periods thorugh their **** or *** hole or do they **** vinegar everyday of the month?


Aren't there any plain NORMAL gay guys out there who know how to carry on a polite, intelligent conversation and who live for anything besides sex?  Isn't there anyone else out there who is only looking for true love and companionship (like yours truly) instead of drama, drugs, and STDs?  I don't usually rant but my God the there are so many guys out there like that, it is just plain ridiculous. 



testarosa5137 testarosa5137 22-25, M 94 Responses Mar 13, 2009

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Get off internet sites and join the real world. You'll find there are plenty of intelligent cultured gay men. Do you think that any group in society has a high success rate with internet meetups? If you limit the scope of your search to that what do you expect? Broaden your horizons and don't tarnish everyone's' reputation just because you've made a few bad choices. You are no better than the mindless homophobes that you may have the pleasure of encountering. Way to reinforce a stereotype!

Whee nice im gay

I am a bisexual and I only have met 3 others with a sexuality that includes an attraction to the same sex (bisexual/homosexual) and none of them have been like that. I guess it depends where you are looking and if you are looking or just finding randomly.

FYI I like a guy with a smaller peepee, simply because
it fits in places it should go BETTER, (and doesn't hurt).

I feel ya, I've met many guys online and very few (if any) were normal guys who could carry a decent conversation. But hey, you gotta keep trying!

i am so sorry that you feel like that not every one is like that on EP there are good people hear to

i just want to say hello there here i m to talk

I understand your point. I am a homosexual man, closeted by the way, and one of the reasons I despise the idea of a gay "community" is exactly that. Whenever I see a march, I see a ton of half naked, if not, naked men dancing and having the time of their life in the middle of the street. They are stepping and crushing the image of all of the homosexual men out there, and with it, the whole purpose of the march. Even though you wrote this like four years ago, I just want to let you know that we are not all like that. We are people who happened to be born with a different sexual orientation. We also have feelings, a life, people that matter to us. I hope that in the future you'll meet people that will show you that what I'm telling you is true.

first of all you are totally wrong in many many thoughts u have.
Gays are living in a community full of hates toward them.
i am pure gay 100% and i am so proud to be a gay man
about sex and cam and etc of what u said
even people straight and girls seeking only sex ask the same issues
dont blame gay people because you dont know all of the gay men and boys
for example
i have sexual desires
am not here on the net to ask for sex or cam or chat or stuff
iam here to share my stories , my love and romance with my gay boy husband here on the net
by the way i am only 23 y
and i am telling you that you are totally misunderstanding the mean of gay orientation
being gay or straight it means u love a man same sex as you and you want to fulfill ur needs with him,
or you love a girl and you need to fulfill ur needs with her
dont say ***** to make people hate themselves just because of they were born gay since they discover their sexual orientation
dont make people hate gays either
just as in life, there is good straight with gentle ways,
there are bad straights
same in gay world
there are good gays and bad ones
thanks and watch ur words :)

Yes there are. Avoid the gay scene, go to sports groups etc and you will meet someone when you least expect it. Try doing some charity work and trust me you will meet some real people.

I agree - I am looking for a normal relationship based on that whole true love/companionship thing, but it doesn't appear to be the norm. I suspect that it is more the norm than you might suppose but it seems there are few social outlets for gay guys to meet and form relationships. There is a groupo in my town that meets monthly for pitch-in dinners and there are always very decent events, so maybe I am lucky. (I am...)

I have yet to encounter any such gay men. I am gay myself.

I agree. I have never been one to mess around but when I finally got in the gay scene everyone just wanted to have sex. Whatever happened to cuddling lol Also, whatever happened to men that are not feminine that wouldn't mind watching sports, going to a football game, hiking, or just chillin. I understand everyone is different, and respect that. I am just looking for a different kind of guy that's hard to find

The gay scene has always been, to my mind, just aweful... I mean, sure there must be some gay guys who are in* to that scene, but... well, there are some 'normal' g gay guys out there, who wdon't feel the need to camp up everything, or act a total queen all the time, and who are in longterm comitted relationships... Just maybe the 'scene' gay's have a louder voice and maybe get noticed more...

I thought I'd read some stories here to see how others felt about being gay. I have two brothers who are gay and found most of the stories I could relate to some of their experiences. Hope you don't mind me being heterosexual and state that the same predatory mind set is common on the heterosexual adult sites.

Your story is very and unfortunately real. I have found that by sorting through the garbage that I have been able to find a few good friends, both male and female to share stories with. EP is great because you can remain anonymous while you search!

Don't give up! There are good people out there, too. Thanks

Well, if you'd like to shoot me an email, I'd be willing to prove you wrong! :) I don't tend to propel conversation forward very well, but I have many things I'd prefer to talk about than the size of my phallus (or yours for that matter).

No there are none. Ive tried the internet and I only find men who are fake, players or married.

I've experienced the same situation. But I ignore them. If that's all that matters then why waste time letting them get know any part of me.

85 comments?..bit much

I also think of the same thing, there are a lot of them and ranges to different kinds of gay people teens or old men. Ever since, I get uncomfortable when they talk to me and asked personal stuffs and sexual roles. If I dont get into a fight, I ignore them. Every time when I am on chatrooms, or other social networks I would post "looking for a decent conversations/chats/guys or girls but man, almost all of the messages that I receive are not good and not even a decent one. Sometimes they will go to being decent but once you knw them more, you will find their true intentions.

Sometimes I cant help to think maybe that's why a lot of straight men and women hate gays because of that, but even so, they do the same thing! There's just too many thoughts that goes in my mind. But so far, I get to meet decent people in the internet which are into normal non-pervertive conversations. And like you, I prefer it that way. Also, its okay for me to listen to other's pains, because I have some too I mean when you eventually get to be friends, it'll be much stronger when your on each other's back. Much stronger relationships and knowing more about him/her.

I'm glad I found a decent person again.
Regards, Jp

P.S there are still a lot of guys who are looking for the same things, just be open, and you'll find your guy or he might find you. I was patient too, and stopped looking for a relationship after a breakup with last my gf(been 2years and 6months)(I had 5gfs before but it didnt work out after that..) and after a hideous worst relationship with my first bf. Instead I was open to everyone, and I my current bf, who happens to be my good friend in the internet asked me to date him(he is on the other side of the world) we've been dating/together for nearly 4 months now.

sigh , I m also in same thinking

I agree with your experience. I too am looking for a simple gay man.

To be fair that is mostly true - however there a few good guys out there who are not obsessively offensive


Being gay is hard.
Finding someone to love, or that will love you back is scary.
It will happen!

Until then

Love you, love your friends, and love that you're alive. Being single sucks at times.... But being gay entitles us to fireworks and music when we do find our true love. It will happen for you, just like I know it will happen for me.... It's step by step and day by day for being gay. Just work hard and be the best person you can until

soooo trueee! :D

touche. very well said. there are so many like that. i like a nice chat about whatever. i dont like to cam chat. ive found guys on here that dont take the chat straight to sex. you just have to keep looking. join the right groups or just add the right people.

Yep i agree to. I only just started looking like 2 days ago cos know one i know is gay and i still have not had a single conversation where the guy has'nt asked if he can see my **** on the cam. So i know where you'r coming from.

well i'm here for a good chat ! and what you said are true most of the time.

Yeah there are lots. You just have to find them or maybe your looking in the wrong places. But there are i'm sure of it. Those websites are usually made for people to hook up anyways or most of the time used for things like that.

As if you don't care about **** size! You sure do and you know it.