Fallen In Love

I have fallen in love with the greatest guy. I think he is actually interested in me. We are really comfortable around eachother and he always gives me these strong hugs. We lock eyes often. What do i do? Do I advance? How should I go about asking him about his sexuality?

MoonRain MoonRain
18-21, M
7 Responses Mar 15, 2009

Take a chance here, after all, we get only this life to be happy I hope it works out for you

I didn't get to talk to him after the meeting. He was so exhausted from soccer practice. There is another boy who is all over me all the time. I think several people in my DeMolay chapter are gay. One is also a member of the ACLU with me. I'm bummed.

I only say this from experience-if there is someone in the Chapter not living up to what they swore the oath on, then either call him on it or you must get out. In my case, I was deluged with fellow DeMolays who were druggies and one of my petition signers was a thief-in fact, he broke into my house, stole a pack of my father's checks and had himself a big shopping spree. When I found out all about it, I really felt sorry for the guy because he had to try and prove that he was a society type. Mind you, he did go to the pen and did a stretch, but if I had known what I was getting into beforehand, I wouldn't have done it. Took two years to get all the bums out of my chapter and what thanks did I get? I was kicked out-and I was the Senior Demolay Advisor at that time. So as I say-call him on it or leave if you aren't comfy around him.

I so excited. I see him in a few hours. I will see how it goes and then share.

oh man thats awesome! hope things work out 4 the both of u!

Go with the flow!!

Thank you so much. I see him tommorow How do I make it not seem akward?

Ask him straight out. No pun inteneded.