Im Not Sure If Im Gay? But....

This is my little story on how I don't think I'm gay and yes I'm male! but I think I am gay at timea.. I first start out with wearing thongs g strings and booty shorts.. I like how wearing them gets me horny and I like it.. and I love sticking tampons up my *** then keep it in all day cause I like how it feels.. and usually only during when I masterbait I think about been with a guy.. u know sucking on him or bending him over and having sex.. or him sucking on me or giving me anal.. but only when I masterbait I think about doing this.. and after I have an ******* it goes away and I say to my self I wouldn't ever do that or anything with a guy!! What does this mean can anyone help?
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I think you're only gay if you label yourself that way. I had the same thoughts and feelings when I was younger. I didn't act on them until I was 37 years old. Now I'm 43, still married to a woman, and still playing with guys occasionally on the side. Believe me, reality IS different from fantasy. The guys I've hooked up with aren't like the guys in gay ****, not even close.

Their skin isn't soft and smooth like a woman's skin and woman just have better ***** too. But, hey, maybe I'm not gay or bi. I do dig hooking up with guys, but I guess it's because it's SO very different. It's so new, and completely out of my comfort zone.

Kissing a guy? Ehhh...., I'd much rather kiss a woman. The best thing about men is that they're easily accessible. Men are hornier and more willing do jump right in the sack. OBVIOUSLY. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say I'm 15-20% gay, but I probably ********** to gay thoughts 95% of the time.

It's odd, but there's a pretty big gap between fantasy and reality.

I have a great deal of respect for those who are truly gay. They've fought through so much to earn their rights, and they are part of a very long tradition. I'd like to think that I'm a tiny part of that tradition as well.

I'll definitely such another **** at some point.

I used to have the same problem but now I've decided that I'm gay being gay is kinder of cool and I love it

Hi ...I have similar feelings and am just wondering what has happened with your situation since you made this post?

I'm not sure you are gay... I think you have a very vivid sexual imagination which is always good. If you only think of being with a guy when in a sexual situation, you are probably not gay, but sexually very open to experimenting. Being gay is way more than sex, its more about a lifestyle involving man to man contact in many levels in everyday life. think about it, if you want to talk, contact me, <br />
best, <br />

A lot of times what we fantasize about is what we're scared to admit to ourselves we truly want. Maybe in time you should move on to try experimenting, you may surprise yourself and find that it's not at all something you would want to pursue in the long run, but I think that as long as it's not something that hurts someone then we should not deprive ourselves of what we feel. Just remember either with a man or with a woman just be safe and make sure you're with someone you can trust.