Me Too

It's about time. I have a home. I've been gay since my daddy gave it to my mom. Glad to see you here.

rainbowbright123 rainbowbright123
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yes it is a shame. instead of listening and trying 2 understand, ppl judge or try to shame them.

Welcome home rainbow

Ok. Thank you for your clarification. We all know that it's not a phase. There are kids out there that can't handle how they feel because of their feelings for the same sex. And I'll bet people are telling them that it's only a phase. Kids are killing themselves because no one understands them and helps them with their emotions fpr the same sex. It's a shame.

i know, i was j/k : )

honeyh, it's more than a phase for me. I left ***** over 23 years agi, I've loved **** since then, and even befoie then. It's much more than a phase for me.

oh u know its just a phase ur going