How I Became Gay

I am Ravi  I am going to tell you all how I became a bisexual when I was 25 years.  At that Time I was in Hyderabad working and I was staying in a Bachelor's room.  My roommate was a middleaged man about 38 years old married but living alone as a married bachelor with me.  He was good looking and nice.  We were very good friends.  Normally in the night I used to remoe my undergarments and sleep with only lungi with nothing inside.  I love that.  One night my roommate had some problem with his cot  He requested me that he would sleep in my cot sharing bed with me.  I said ok.  In the night I was asleep and I felt some movement around my **** over my lungi.  I slowly opened my eyes and saw that my roommaate was touching my **** ovr my lungi.  That was a strange experience for me.  for the first time a man is touching my ****.  But my **** immediately stood up and it was very strong and robust.  My roommate still thinking that I was asleep  he started slowly stroking my **** .  He loosened my lungi and caught hold of my **** with his hand.  The touch of his hand just gave me an electric shock and I felt more excited I suddenly openedmy eyes and looked at him.  He removed his hand immediately when I looked at him.  I smiled at him.  My smile gave him some confidence and he again caught hold  of my ock and starated stroking it gently.  I also wanted to receprocate since I liked his act.  i insterted my hand in his dhothi and loosened his dhoti.  He was wearing an underwear I removed his underwear, his **** was really big about 8"long and stout .  It was standing erect I also started giving his **** gentle strokes.  he then put my **** in his mouth and started sucking it and licking it he also licked my balls.  I also turned my head towards his **** and took his **** in my mouth and started sucking it.  we were in 69 position and we both were sucking our *****.  I was  the first one reach climax,  he did not allow me to atake my **** out he sucked fully and swallowed my *** fully .  Then he ********** and I also swallowed his ***.  It was really fine. 

That was the first time when I Experienced Gay Experience. 

After this I had several occasions to enjoy gay sex.  i had once enjoyed ********* sex with a married couple wheren I ****** His wife ad He ****** me in my ******* .  i will write about that in my next story. You can mail me to to reach me to have intimate relatioship.

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Wow, So sad. Being gay is the best thing I could imagine and I have been so happy for so many years and enjoyed so very many people intimately after freeing myself from all the hetero hate and all the hetero mythology of only one person to love and horrendous hetero god stories and all their formulaic hetero romantic **** --which is really based on and totally to sugarcoat and to support two economic social concerns: paternity and property rights. Those are actually the basis for all of marriage and for most of the religious strictures and taboos that have been developed over thousands of years to support them. The male human wants to have lots of and naturally enjoys sex, lots of sex with lots of partners and really doesn't need too much of all the other garbage unless he's been brainwashed and made to feel inferior or bad or criminal or dirty or evil or whatever the haters and ignorant try to call us. All BS! Sex is great, ***** are fantastic and delicious and the more you do it without strings attached and the more guys you enjoy the greater life is! Don't use sex to try to control others or to "marry" them or to make them do what you want --No guilt trips or power plays!! Just enjoy sex for the hot, sensuous and great release and experience it is --especially with other men and their incredible *****! I have so many great and special friends and we are so sexy and intimate, sometimes several times in a single day and sometimes in groups of us all naked and sexing with each other, everybody trying to achieve ******* and give ******* to others. I love to enjoy several ***** all at once like bukkake (google it!) Wow, being in close, physical contact with men's bodies, serving and servicing each other, and being inside their bodies and having them inside me and sharing our really magical essence and juice is the most thrilling and hot and exciting and pleasurable times I have ever had, ever experienced and ever imagined. It is actually so fantastic that society, the church, women, all the "ruling" forces are afraid of just how consuming and thrilling it is! Way beyond anything they can offer to make you do what they want and better than any food, money, entertainment, anything! Give me a man and his **** and his juice or several and I am totally fulfilled (in the real way) and totally happy! And once you've been so intimate and had so much sex with guys you have a real special, incredible bond and can do all kinds of things together in the times between having sex if there is any! LOL

I am gay, but in my country are killed Gay .ln I can do anything. I do not know what to do. can you help me?

My emil


very cool story love it ; im bisexual to ; its the hotest sex I ever had is bi sex , a man can make me *** hotter and more than a woman can , when I was a teen 4 guys held me down and proved to me how much pleasure and hot and fun gay sex can be .I been bisexual ever since

Now that is a story I would like to hear! What happened? Were you at a party?

Hi; I was gay raped and LOVED IT ;; I went to see a blind friend at his house and 4 other guys was there to one was the blind mans brother, well the mam I went to see went to sleep then the 4 guys draged me in to the bed room and told me to be quite or we will hit you. then thay pushed me down on the bed thay held me down and over powered me and pulled off my pants. one guy started playing with my **** and said play with my **** NOW!!!! we jacked each other while the other 3 guys watched and held me down, then the first guy got on top of me and told me to close my legs togather and he started ******* me between my legs hunching me like a ****; then another guy said suck my **** he shuved his hard **** down my throught and started ******* me in the mouth there was nothing I could do but take it. the other 2 guys was getting off watching me takeing on 2 guys at the same time, then another guy took my hand and put it on his hard **** and said jack me *****. then the 4th guy got on my chest and said suck me for a while now fagit and thay made me take turns sucking 2 hard **** while the first guy was still ******* me between my legs face to face and I am jacking another guy all at the same time. then the first guy that was ******* me between my legs crowed up higher on me and then he said suck me now **** and I was still jacking the the 3rd guy at the same time I was takeing turns sucking 3 other guys , well I was scared at first , after I saw thay was not going to hurt me I started likeing sucking **** . the more I suckd them the more I like it. and then thay took turns sucking my hard **** ; I got soooooo ******* hard and horny it felt so good . I got horny then hell. something clicked in side me , with hot pleasure, then I went wild and said if you all are going to rape me ; shuve it up my *** and **** me silly ,and make me like ; ill be your ****;; yahh I did;; I said rape me good boys up my *** .and then thay did like I asked I got my *** whole drilled and jacked and sucked at the same time , ohh my god the hot *** ******* gushed out of me when I cumed, it was the best thing that ever happond to me, it felt hot and good when thay took turns ******* in my *** whole while I suck there hard *****, I enjoyed it so much I went back for more the next day , and beg them to rape me again, , I wish to god I would get gay raped like that again. thay never did hurt me at all. it was the best **** I ever got. thay showed me the pleasure of gay sex ; and now im bisexual . only bad thing now is I aint had a **** in years , I need it bad up my ***, I got a wife now and cant get a way from her to get some **** ; she dont dont I was gay raped and loved it,

The experience is fantastic.iI am not lucky enough to have such experience.I wish the same to happen with me in the future.

Nice Experince da..

Ravi text me please 954-393-8870

rai, i am also a gay and i also love to suck and drink ***.. so plz meet me i wanna drinks urs... plz suggest how i increase my assshole... i love to take inside.

ravi: I don't know where you live but I will suck your **** and take anything that shoots out.

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ravi it seems to be old forged story, either you are already a bottom since hcildhood liked to be ******

Hi Ravi. Your story sounded really nice. It turned me on.

yah ; that story turnd me on to