I'm A Girl, In Love With A Girl.

"I could just lay here all night and watch the beautiful girl beside me sleep. As she dreams, all her guards are down and there are no walls between us. I fall harder and harder with each minute that passes. Though she is completely unaware of my attempt to show my growing feelings for her  I still whisper " I love you" gently in my moon-lit room. Her soft breathing escorts me to a state of peace and comfort far beyond what anything else can cause. I feel like the luckiest person in the world just to be laying next to somebody so beautiful, even on the inside. I look at the clock, realizing hours has passed. Though I hate going to sleep knowing any dream I have could not be sweeter than being in this moment looking at this perfect girl, I decide I'll need rest to keep up with her wild, free-spirted self tommorow. So, I gently kiss her velvet lips, put my arm around her small wist, and close my eyes."

Its me, a teenage girl, writing about another girl. I don't know how to make people realize, this is not a phase. I'm really in love with this girl and gender don't effect that.

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I'm in love with a girl for the first time but she has a girlfriend... A girl she's known forever so it's probably going to last.

I am 17 and this effectively describes most of my experiences with the girl I love.

I actually love this story. And the comments are really positive ;)


What a desc<x>ription u had given its mind blowing.<br />
I am girl and in love with another girl.Now she is getting married and going.<br />
She knows that i love her and care for her but she is not aware that i love her more then one guy can love girl.<br />
i am blank now very soon i am going to loose her.i dont have guts to tell her because i am affraid that she will start hating me.my family is very conservative.<br />
i sometime feel that this society ruining our life by giving labes as Bi,Le,Gay.<br />
Love is GOD.So giving label to pure love means that giving label to God.<br />
I just want to tell everyone one thing that its not compulsory that LOVE should end up in SEX.<br />
Just the person whom we love there presence there care and concern towards us is more then enough for person who love from heart not from mind.

ur very lucky. my gf called our relationship a misunderstanding. i felt like a fool. like i imagined everything. hurts to know i'll lose her as a friend and lover ,if she keeps pretending we are just friends.

u discribe honsty real love

i am 14 too and i am in love with my best friend and when i read that she came to mind and you made paint a lovely picture of her :D



i really envy you a lot..i could never do that to her..especially now that she's so far away..i really really so much miss her..and i'm still very in love with her..:(

hey its nice........ u have very sweet feelings for ur love...........hope n wish she'll b always with u

How wonderful for you to be able to be with her, and how wonderfull for you to have the gift to capture such beautiful feelings in words.

Your writing is nice. Brief, but nice.


She is a dudette , dude :)

wow this is amaziing it really paints a picture

so nice writing.

That is so beautiful. Enjoy the love and I hope it lasts forever for the two of you!!

Thank yall very much.:)<br />
<br />
<br />
andyeah, that was about my girlfriend of two years. It really happened.

Quite "uncertain" HOW to 'Interpret' this.<br />
Is "it meant" As A Fantasy ?<br />
OR is it "based" on an ACTUAL Experience ??

Quite "uncertain" HOW to 'Interpret' this.<br />
Is "it meant" As A Fantasy ?<br />
OR is it "based" on an ACTUAL Experience ??

two words. right. on.

this is an awesome poem/song/ writing. you have talent and AWESOME FOR YOU! i have BFF who is lesbian and wont tell a soul. i wish she could be like you and let her real self come clean. THANX

Thank you, very much.<br />
I'm only 14, so Im hoping my writing talent gets a little better with age.

You should be a writer

Ya, a girl can break a girl's heart badly. My ex did it to me! But I'm getting over this phase. ;)

it's beautiful...u r so lucky, hope I'll get a chance to be like u! ;)

u just painted an awesome picture! if this is a phase, then theres a lot of ppl who have been in this phase for many years.