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I'm homosexual.  I've been in a relationship with the same man for 11 years.  I don't see being gay as anything's just the way I was born. 

Although I have some family members who can't deal with me being gay, that's their problem.  Me being gay is just way it my blue eyes or being right handed. 

I do dislike how religion causes so many people to be prejudiced and hateful but there's nothing really that I can do about it.  I just live my life with honor and hope that people see that being gay is no big deal.  It's part of who I am but not all I am about.

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Some are killers too. But not God "made "them like they are. They chose their own path. So, some man chose to be homosexual. It is a decision. Little kids want to explore and understand. If they see their "parents" being homo, they will want to see how it is to be homosexual and the majority of them will become homo. Each human chose to go to work/to stay home, to get a job/to be poor and so on. Being homosexual is a decision and this is why it is a sin! (Because it's a bad decision).<br />
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Homosexuals are desgusting, like pedofiles. Can you say "God made pedofiles as they are! What's wrong with that?". No, you can't! Being homo is an abomination because it's too different from what "being normal" should be.

That last sentence, that is society talking.

"'Of the animals that live in the sea or in a river, if the animal has fins and scales, you may eat it. But whatever lives in the sea or in a river and does not have fins and scales -- including the things that fill the water and all other things that live in it -- you should hate. You must not eat any meat from them or even touch their dead bodies, because you should hate them. You must hate any animal in the water that does not have fins and scales." (Leviticus 11:9-12 NCV) so I guess that you don't eat any shellfish???

we are speaking about two different things. And, yes we shouldn't eat carnivore animals. we should do as God said!

If anything, pedophiles exist because they have repressed their homosexuality, they have tried to be something they are not rather than admitting their true selves, and so it comes out in this warped and twisted way. It is because we live in a society with people like this who want to prevent others from finding their true selves, from feeling the love of another, that we have so much hatred, anger, and perversion in the world. Some of the brightest and most successful people I know where raised by gay parents. They are not gay, but I think that being raised in that open atmosphere where things are dealt with honestly and openly instead of forcing them to conform to an outside idea of "normal" has helped them in the world. When I finally admitted I was gay, it was the closest I had ever felt to what some people might describe as god's love.

Carnivore animals?

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Mate, you are choosing if you will be right handed or not in your childhood. Your body is your body, but you are the soul in a body and you can choose. this is why being gay is wrong because it's a wrong decision because it is against nature (you don't respect your body) and against God's laws.<br />
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God bless you.<br />
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Bad things happen but everything has it's purpose. You just need to find it.<br />
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God bless you again!

Dude what’s wrong with you? If it’s against nature then how come there are people who are gay? if we choose to damn ourselves then who are you to argue with our wishes? If I am so wrong then I hope god strikes me down right now and kills me where I sit... odd I guess I’m ok then. When will you Christian types learn that you can’t convert a gay person? I hope you live a happy life and all but don’t ruin the beauty of this site by telling us we are wrong

With all due respect, all individuals are responsible for their souls. The body is a temple, but individuals will be based on their souls. Everyone seeks to be happy and people should not be frowned upon because of their sexual orientation, gender, sexual preference. God wants everone to be happy and content not judgemental. That is for the Almighty to decide.

Before I comment here.... I would like to state that you have a great screen name! LIFE101 it is so scolar and clever with deep meaning as I get it (I dont know if that was your goal) but it is very successful!<br />
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Ok. I agree religion is a drawback in our society as well. But I think things are changing now for the better. Priests that were exposed and etc have made people think that really homosexuality is state of life and not a desease. I also believe that in the near future ( i dont know what gives me this impression) but yes, I beleive that churches will meet (christian churches) and discuss in depth this matter and will change some grounds of thinking. I sound rediculous, but I hope for this to happen.<br />
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Yes, our sexuality does not define the whole of our being but a part of us. I totally agree!<br />
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See you soon. I like these discussions!