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Nothing Wrong With It

I'm homosexual.  I've been in a relationship with the same man for 11 years.  I don't see being gay as anything's just the way I was born. 

Although I have some family members who can't deal with me being gay, that's their problem.  Me being gay is just way it my blue eyes or being right handed. 

I do dislike how religion causes so many people to be prejudiced and hateful but there's nothing really that I can do about it.  I just live my life with honor and hope that people see that being gay is no big deal.  It's part of who I am but not all I am about.

life101 life101 41-45, M 32 Responses Nov 3, 2007

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Before I comment here.... I would like to state that you have a great screen name! LIFE101 it is so scolar and clever with deep meaning as I get it (I dont know if that was your goal) but it is very successful!<br />
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Ok. I agree religion is a drawback in our society as well. But I think things are changing now for the better. Priests that were exposed and etc have made people think that really homosexuality is state of life and not a desease. I also believe that in the near future ( i dont know what gives me this impression) but yes, I beleive that churches will meet (christian churches) and discuss in depth this matter and will change some grounds of thinking. I sound rediculous, but I hope for this to happen.<br />
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Yes, our sexuality does not define the whole of our being but a part of us. I totally agree!<br />
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See you soon. I like these discussions!

I totally agree with you. I too think that's there's nothing wrong about being gay---that's just the way I turned out and since there's nothing I can do about it, I just try and live my life with honor and hope--the same as you do.