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Gay? Yeah, That's Me

A lot of gay people have said that if they could choose, they'd choose to be straight. Being gay is hard. Yeah, it's hard. But I bet that being straight is. I'm happy just as I am ... If I could choose, I'd choose to stay gay.
jayt76 jayt76 31-35, M 53 Responses Oct 6, 2006

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Being straight yes it's normal but me I've had to always hide for years that I'm really bisexual being that I get more accepted by friends that I have are both gay and bisexual and I do love more than my straight friends cause we all understand each other which I like alot!!!!

I'm Straight But I'm In Love With One Of My Friends
I keep having a fantasy sucking his **** , i don't know why , my heart is beating when talking to him , but i'm straight , in love with girls , what should i do . No other guy making me feel like that , only one person ,

I love to have sex with other guys who are more fem. I don't like manly guys but I really enjoy sex with fem guys. I don't know if that is being gay but I have been married many time and never had a successful heterosexual relationship. I thing about gay sex a lot and ********** to gay images. What am i

Every word you say is true!
I'm gay and I love my life. As it is!
If I had the choice, I would live my life again just as I have done so far!
I am what I am! And that's good!

It was hard being straight because I didn't wanna be lol. I was doing it cuz everybody expected me to do it and i was afraid of loosing "friends"....Now I love being Gay cuz its what i want to be.....I love Women!

I love myself and regardless at the end of the day i have to make my self happy and thats being gay!!!!!!

Amazing thread going here - but some good basic context as well - I spent nearly 40 years of my life being someone I was not - straight - and hurt some people that didn't deserve it because I chose to 'fit in' instead of being who I was - gay.

I am one of those that believes sexual 'preference' is not a proper designation - I do not believe that people choose to whom they are attracted sexually, it's much deeper than a conscious choice. While in the end we can choose whether to follow our deeper feelings or do otherwise, that to me at least is the only choice in this - and I also think we choose to ignore our more basal responses at our peril.

I hope you don't mind me responding. I'm heterosexual with 2 gay & 2 lesbian siblings. You are right that being heterosexual is hard, but so is being gay or lesbian. Many of life's struggles are the same but many of the social struggles are unique. Just remember that you need to be true to yourself! Our father raised us kids to judge others "by who they are, not what they are." Thanks

Good story and well said! There was a time when I wished I was "normal", but I'm proud and happy of who I am and wouldn't change if I could!

Being gay is such a an important part of my life now that I wouldn't change even if I could. I'm certainly not ashamed of being gay, after all, that's just the way I turned out. Oh, I suppose my life would have been easiler if I had been born straight, but on the other hand, there's something to be said for not being part of the crowd too. I'm gay and proud!

I could not agree with you more. Very well said!

Kind regards


Being gay is only hard because, other people who think they know everything, say we are not right because we are gay.

Who made them judge and jury, and where is this judge and jury when you need them.

Yes, being gay is hard, but not being yourself is even harder!

I would stay bi. Guys are hot.

Yes guys are hot indeed

I wish I was ballsy enough to say the same. Maybe it's not with much guts, but I would definitely choose to be straight. I often imagine how different things would be- as a gay guy I feel like the white elephant in the room 90% of the time- and that's as a closeted gay guy.

Same here buddy!

choose to be straight??? so let me ask you the question??did you choose to be gay??? I know I didnt...the white elephant in the room??why would you go into a room that you are feeling that way 90% of the time??get out and find some gay people to hang around with!!!!that way you wont feel that way!!!!NONE of us should be made to feel bad, ashamed,or hide WHO WE TRULEY ARE!!!!!!!..AND MOST OF THE TIME ITS US KEEPING US THAT WAY!!! MY WISH FOR YOU AND EVERYBODY OUT THERE IS TO GO OUT FACE THE DAY AND LOUDLY PROCLAIM I AM GAY!!!! AND NOT CARE ABOUT WHO HEARS IT.!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!

So you were force to be gay?

No he is saying if he could change his sexuality, he would. He isn't saying being gay is a choice.

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and if you say be normal to to this question??? my question is just because I"m gay does that mean me and all gay peole are abnormal?????? and what is normal??you get married and have 2.5 kids what is are WHO you soon as you accept yourself for who you are it will get did for me..accept yourself or you will struggle for the rest of your life!!!!

stay gay!!!!!!!!!!!

if i got to choose ill choose to be straight then i wont struggle, be normal and fit in this stupid community.

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I choose to stay gay. Its who I am, why would I change?

i don't know honestly how i feel about being gay , i mean sometimes i hate it soooooooo much and i even think of suiciding but sometimes i like being special diffrent from others

At first I have the same feelings and after make love to other guy I felt some kind of gilt and discomfort, with the time it become ok and now I could not be any other way, I love the way I am

Thats hot that you know what you are like think. <br />
I want your ****

i dunno what i'd pick but it's so hard for me to even imagine being straight it's like YUCK i can't even think about it

It took me a long time, and pain, to come to this conclusion as well.

GAY ALL THE WAY.up my A-s.

I am bi but I think I am lying to myself cause I know for a fact I like guys more than I like girls. I think the only reason I like girls is cause I am in the closet about my sexuality so have to show some kind of feeling for girls lol I wish I could for more like you

Hey, you're the first person i hear saying that. Cool :) - I wish i could say the same.

as much as I agree with you, most straight people don't get their ***** kicked for being straight<br />
being gay is way more of a challenge especially if someone decides you shoot you because they're homophobic, I've never heard of this happening to someone because their straight.

@forevercharmed, I too love being Gay too. I have just come out at the tender age of 42. I am finally complete. Mentally Emotionally and sexually.

i admire your confidence of upholding who you are, unlike me who sometimes has the kind of disappointment regarding my gender.