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A Well Kept Secret

I like to tell people I'm bi because there are women I'm very attracted to, but I think if I was bold enough and brave enough I would be able to admit that I AM GAY. When I see my future there is a man in it with me. When I think of falling in love it's with a guy. I don't ever want to rule out any possibilities, which is why I commit to being bi, but there's a 95% chance that I'll end up with a guy. It's what I've always known I've wanted.
Androgyny Androgyny 21-25, M 11 Responses Nov 10, 2007

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A loving relationship with what ever sex is a good thing, and sadly it can be put on a back burner because of family problems, such as mum & dad and possible siblings, you want to declare to the world that you are a homosexual, and you want to live with another man, but you are frightened of being, out there alone with just your new lover, you are frightened that your family will desert you, and not want to talk to you again.
It is one giant leap of faith, and its full of ifs and maybes and other niggling douhts, but I think you should always grasp the nettles, and go for it, because its your one life and you have a right to be happy, no matter what they feel you should do.
I was brought up in a childrens home because I was physically abused by my parents who couldnt cope with my constant bed wetting problems, and I still do and I am, now 68 years old, when I was ten years old I was sent to Scotalnd to live with my grandparents and aunt, who lived on a remote farm, near to Culloden Moors, my aunt from the start taught me to love everything pvc, and later she would teach me about sex, I also had a affair with another boy my age in a nearby village, his name was Jamie, I knew that I wanted to live with another man, when we were away on a scouts camping holiday, the scout master raped me one night, and split my backside and inside very badly, I was flown to Aberdeen hospital for treatment, it was Jamies father that did it, Jamie was put into care in Fife Scotland and I never saw him again, when I was in my teens in the 60's I had my own flat in Aberdeen Scotland, and had a few men lovers, it was good to have and to hold a real man, somebody that loved you back, but because of a unhappy split from one
of the men, I moved to London, and had a few male lovers, one being a virgin, but we drifted apart, I eventually started to go out with woman again, and it was very enjoyable, I thought I wouldnt like it after all the men I had slept with, but after a few years I got married weve been together now for 47 years, I have had one man in all that time, because I bumped into a old flame, but it was over that one night together.
In this short life you should take what you can when you can, because my friends we only come this way once in our lives, so enjoy the ride and be happy, so Sod everybody else and their problems, get on with your life and enjoy it the best you can, god bless you.

Your proably gay & that's alright I say this as I would be bi as I only like the sex not any real attraction other than being his sexual turn on. I do find guys that are fem acting & looking as sexual but little more than that. Women are my main interest & my only emotional interest so I'm bi ur gay and its all good

OMG, I feel the exact same way but I have not admitted to being bi or gay

as someone says, noting here on earth is certain and fixed. All you gotta do is to streamline with what life leads you to be happy and contented. Everyday is a blessing. All there is to do is to make yourself greatly satisfied with friends and other closely-related individuals.

Mate, in every second of your life you make a decision. And from some time you made the same foolish decision.<br />
<br />
I advise you to start seeking love at a woman without making sex. Respect her. And start seeking a good friend or better, a great friend in a man.<br />
<br />
God bless you!

no ofence man but go **** yourself

I'm with richcross091

PFFFT, nobody cares anymore. They see it as the same thing.

I know this a long time ago.... so what happened? Have you accepted your self???<br />
<br />
Because in this life nothing is certain I guess...

Goodluck with everything

i believe you need to do whatever makes you happy. :)

amen to that

Is it really ever quite so set in stone? I think there is almost always a little flexibility in people's sexual orientation. <br />
<br />
That said, it does seem like a lot of people from more marginalised groups in society get a lot of value out of strongly identifying with a group in particular, and the stronger sense of identity can flow onto other areas of peoples' lives it would seem.<br />
<br />
Good luck out there in the crazy world of Other Real-life Humans! :D