Getting Where I Am Today

Well my whole life i always wanted to mess with a girl. I was always attracted to them. I mean when i was like 5 years old i had my first kiss with a girl in preschool lol. But then as life started for me i feel deep into boy crzy but in the back of my head i always wanted a girl to see how it would be. Idk for some reason i just wantd to do it . So finally i moved to ny and this girl in my class told me she was gay and that she was interested in me. I was hesitant at first but then i was just like whatever. So i went to chill with her one day at her house. And it was very awkward. I didn't say much and just stared at the tv. Then she went into the shower and when she came out she was like in nothing but a towel and i was just staring like i got so wet!!! but i was wayyyyyy to nervous to do anything. I think she expected something but i didn't do anything. After a while i just went home ....andleft her with a peck on the cheek. It was to wierd. But a few weeks after us chilling. I gave her head for the first time. It was such a crazy expierence i didnt knw what the hell i was doing but i figured she knew it was my first time so she wouldnt get mad. She helped me threw the whole thing. When i was done though i LOVED it! So after that i always did it. I dont know why it was so great to me. It was like seeing how i could please her pleased me. Me and her were together for about 6 months and then i got with this other girl. Now at this point i was very experienced in sexually but i had never used or had a strap used on me. So when she brought it out i was just like omg!!! it was one of the best experiences i have ever had in my life. ME and her were together for about a year and now im with this girl i have been with for two months on Mon. But for me i haven't messed around with a guy in like 2 years and i couldnt be more happy with who i am. At first i was skeptical and never told anyone about the life i was living but then it just strarted slowly cming out. My dads girlfriend figured it out and then my dad found a pic of me and my gf in my phone so it was like once my dad kn ew i didnt care who knew. Thankfully i have a family that is supportive of me in everyway so they dont look at me no type of way. But my dad is another story. He is the biggest homophob i ever met in my life! So its hard somethime with him but the way we deal with it is i dont bring it up to hikm and he dosent bring it up to me. I dont bring my girlfriends around him and thats that. So its whatever. But now i am so proud of who i am i flaunt it. I mean sometimes i get skeptical about it in certain places. Like i dont do anything in front of kids! 

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Seriously thats one of the coolest stories i have read , you seem to have a lot of fun with your sexual side I wish I was that relaxed about how I feel and just gain experience when it comes to sex . I never had a bf tought . anyways <br />
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take care :)

I ve never luv a guy before bt it came to a time that i started havin feelins for a guy nd i don't knw if i shld tel him

ok i got it. will do :)

ok....well heres my just email me...and i mean im 17 lol so ill just put that im 18 no big deal...

i can't. you're automatically blocked from seeing me, probably because i have that little stop sign (i honestly don't know where it came from) and on my end, it's because you're under 18... when i get back, i can give you my email address through this story and then just reply that you got it and i will delete my comment with it. only if that works for you though. i'm trying to get rid of the stop sign...

ok thats fine...ill prob be just send me a mesg!:)

you can do it from this story under my avatar: <a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
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anyway, i have to get going for a little while. i would love to talk later tho :)

ok i keep trying to click on your page but it wont let me...i want to join you to muh circle

i should probably tell you about what i do then. unfortunately, i ask that people are 18 years old at the time of signing my petition, but i will show you anyway. i'll go find that story for you :)

no problem! i loveee animals i have a kitten named Twitter and me and my girlfriend are always going to the shelters to visit the animals:)...i love nature also...but yea this site really helps me...i feel like im understood on here:) theropy is to much of a process lol

haha for sure. this site has been better therapy for me than a shrink... a truly amazing place. you're an animal lover too? sweet. i think i will add you to my circle. i love being around people who place such importance on the well-being of animals :D

well thats just fine...i love animals more than anything (well next to nature) but i dont think your strange...i mean we all have our own little secrets rite...why else would we come on here...

good to hear you're having a good experience with it. personally, i'm straight but i am a furry and it's difficult to just come out and say it. my girlfriend knows and is fine with it but most people just don't understand that i'm not actually that strange. just more in touch with my love of animals than most :)