Being A Gay Teen

I am 14 and knew when I was 11 I was gay. Im ok with it, my mums ok with it but my dad is anti gay. I wish i could find someone to share experiences with as im so horny all the time.

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u can pravute msg me

That okAy me too

I noticed I was into other boys when I was 6 years old but didn't realize that I was gay til I was about your age. It is natural to have the feeling you have at your age, just be responsable when you act on those feelings.

I'm 13 n gay

u too young to be horneygive it time ad wait to see if u gay

Im gay but dont know how to get boys to want to date/**** me

try a dating site for gay men or zoosk

I knew I was gay since girls kicked me in the balls more than once I need a. Guy to massage them

I would love to ;)

I know exactly how you feel! I grew up in a strict catholic house and first realised i was gay at the age of 13. I tried so much to hide it! I didn't want to be like this at the time. Lots of my 'friends' at the time were homophobic and hated everything gay so i felt as if i couldn't be myself anywhere. I finally plucked up the courage to come out at the age of 14 like yourself. Instantly my mum hugged me and started crying, but she was happy because I was. My father, well thats a different story. He hated the idea and refused to speak or even look at me for about a year and a half. My 'friends' all turned their backs on me and laughed and made fun, but they were easily replaced with better friends who accepted me for who i was. relations between my father and I improved and we eventually started speaking again. He apologised for his ignorant behavior towards me and said that he is now happy for me because he now in comparison to the way i was before, im a lot happier, i no longer have the weight of the world on my shoulders. Im proud of who I am and what I am. Don't let anyone bring you down, ever. I'm now 18 and have just gotten out of my first major relationship, which was hard, but just remember this... It gets better x

Im bisexual and i can relate. im a girl but i still can relate. i come from a super christian home and i live with my mom and my stepdad. they are both anti gay. "its against the bible its so wrong" they say. my dad "real dad" knows and still supports me but id never b able to tell my mom. she'd killme...disown me.. kick me out.... she'd say its a phase. or tht i need prayer. thats what i hate most when ppl say because we are gay we need to be "fixed" we arent broken. we are ppl just like them. so i know how it feels

I am a girl and I am bisexual too, I am 19 now and I told my parents like 4 years ago when I was absolutely sure of it. I live in India and thankfully my parents aren't religious, they are on a spiritual path and have a guru who is my guru too now and both of them didn't know how to respond first but they didn't have any issues with it, even my guru supports the whole thing, my friends think its actually cool... but there are definitely people out there, e.g in my college who think its abnormal and shouldn't be done, its sad how narrow their mindset is...

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so what there are people in the world that are i have friends and people i know that are gay and you what there great people.

so what there are people in the world that are i have friends and people i know that are gay and you what there great people.

You may talk to me any time.

You may talk to me any time.

You knew you were gay at 11? Yeah right, how did this so called inspiration come about? Why don't you enlighten us? I think your Dad has a right to be anti-gay and question you about your so called "sexual" preference so why don't you tell us about how you reached this "choice".<br />
<br />
Gays are born, what bull.

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jp5040 is very correct.

HA thats the EXACT same story for me bud =)

Well, I knew about it last year, when I first went out with a guy. All that I can tell you is that, you should tell somebody, although I have not. You'll find out that there are a lot of accepting people out there, who won't think that you are crazy for liking other men, I know that know a year and a half later. So just tell somebody, it will make your life a lot easier.

I am in the local spot light, and I am gay, and proud. All of my friends, and what is left of my family, have accepted me for me. I am a board member of the local Chamber of Commece, President the Neighborhood Watch, a Volunteer for the Fire Dept., President of the Youth Council, and volunteer around the community. <br />
<br />
I am not, a ******** (I like men, not children), I protect them, and keep them from Harm, They, are the Future of the town I protect, and work in! I treat them as my own, nothing else. But be extremely careful, OK! There are alot of Homophoias out in this crule World, who would like nothing else, and that is to Harm YOU and ME. So, always watch your Back, PLEASE!

yea i would listen to jp and lisen to me. Nothing wrong with being sexual and experimental but dont rush into things. There is only a first for a everything.

I knew i was gay at the early age of 14. I tried my best to like girlsand the older i got, the more interesting it got to like men. I did everything to cover up the fact, that I liked men better, than women(no offense ladies). So, to hide the fact of me datin men was to try my best in dating more women. I had friends(men), that knew enough about me, that they helped me cover up my begin gay. I thought I had hid it well from my mom, because she caught me a couple of times, but her brgin my mom did'nt say, anything. But, as I came out to her in Feb. 2009, and told her I was gay, She told me,"she was knew, and she didn't care about me begin gay", and she said , "I love you no matter what!". But if, I hadn't been a coward, and had told my dad before he died. He would have been in shock for a little while, but he would have accept me, too! Parents know a great deal, about there children, they are not stupid... They, want the Best for there Kids, and a least some of them, they want us to have a good education, which leads to aa good job, they want us to marry a good woman, and raise children, the best we can, to keep the family linage going. But, both of us on begin gay, stops because we, find people whomwe like an fall in love with, they(parents) think we cannot have children, we have a choice to adopt, and raise kids, with our LTR's, (partners), and still carry on the family name, wether, by using yours, or your partners. Just be CAREFUL on WHO YOU DATE, and remember to WHOM YOU ARE with. But, keep aleast a EYE open forwho is behind you, there's still a lot of HOMOPHOBIAS , out in the real world who would like to do us, and me HARM. So, just like jp5040 says, be careful and don't give any information on here, that could HURT YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care,

Hey, mother know everthing! Trust her and your Father, well he will come out of the shell sooner or later, and trust me he still loves you, no matter what!