First Time

My first time was with a friend from my town.  He had tried to get to to do things with him before, but I did not want to do it.  For some reason this night i really wanted to see what it would be like to suck ****, because I had thought about it many times, so I texted my friend.  We met up and went on a ride.  He asked me what I wanted to do, and i told him "suck your ****."  He asked me if I wanted to driving or parked, and I responded driving, after which he pulled over and parked, I dont know why.  He then pulled his shorts and boxers down and took out his ****.  This was new for me because I had never done anything with a guy before, or seen another guy like this.  I told him he had to get himself hard, and then went and started making out with him.  I slowly slid my hand down to his ****, and started playing with it, rubbing the top and slowly stroking it.  I then pulled away from his lips, and went down.  Oh man was this exciting.  I had been thinking about doing this for awhile, and was finally sucking my first ****.. I was excited.  So I went and touched my lips to the head of hid **** and put my mouth around it, and it tasted delicious.  His **** felt so smooth and tasted so sweet as it touched my lips.  I wrapped my mouth around it, and started sucking him off.  I went down as far as I could and got his whole **** down my throat.  It felt amazing to finally have a long hard warm juicy *** filled **** in my mouth.  I loved playing with it and stroking it, and popping it in and out of my mouth and cheeck.  It tasted amazing.  I loved the whole experience.  I licked around the rim of his ****, and kissed down the sides, just playing.  It felt great to have his fat warm **** in my hand, and to play with it.  I put that juicy **** back into my mouth, and went down again, sucking like my life depended on it.  Stroking and sucking on his **** felt amazing.  He finally blew a huge load, unfortunately not in my mouth.  He told me beforehand that once you try **** you get addicted, and start to want it more.. this is true.  Ive thought about this everyday since it happened, and can not wait for the summer to do it again, and more.  I really want to swallow his load next time, and have him blow it all over my face.  I love having a **** in my mouth, it almost feels empty without it.  I feel like I should have a nice big **** in my cheeck and throat at all times, and have a nice hard one pounding my ***.  I cant wait for him to come home and drill me, I just feel empty without it.  I love his ****, and am gona ride it as many times as I can this summer, sucking him off multiple times a day.  We plan on going camping for a few days, and just getting drunk and ******* in the woods for a few nights.

andyscott andyscott
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Nice story, reminds me of my first time sucking a ****.

The next step is having him **** in your mouth. Go for it.

Great story, I love that sort of camping trip :)