i was wondering with all the stories and confession on this site, they ask for comments, should we really comment on someone problem when we really dont know them? what if we say something wrong and drive them further into what ever there problem may be. would really like to know the answer to this, thanks. another wonderful and witty store by me lol. someday im going to write a story that make since ,until then just bear with me and dont sweat the small stuff life really is great, sometimes
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lol didnt know you had to put it where u want it

i always wondered why you are in this group and now I think I know.

thanks , hope you right , merry christmas 2 u

Absolutely!! Do comment. I think you may have already noticed most people just post like spray painting grafitti or bathroom walls without any intention to engage in discussion. Anyone, whether or not you them, and posts online should expect anyone is free to comment.<br />
Just as you and I may wittingly or unwittingly give a wrong response there are countless others who may as well give the right response. It's life. It's interaction.<br />
Merry Christmas to you.

oh your bad lol

Did you notice that everybody else is afraid to comment ? <br />
<br />
Very shy group your in, or else your the only member.<br />
<br />
I guess that means your president of the group. Congratulations!!.<br />
<br />

thanks, glad you like my group lol

well, I just try to answer thr best that I can and answer honestly. <br />
<br />
Cool group your in <br />
<br />
I think the only way to fix it is to delete the whole thing and repost. At least that was I had to do when I ended up in some wrong group. make a copy and post it where you want it and then delete this.<br />
<br />

how the hell did this go under a genderqueer bs lol