I Love Being German

My grandparents on my dad's side moved to Ohio from Germany. They bought alot of land here that they farmed. My dad loved to farm. However, some idiot teacher at some point told him he was a 'dumb' farmer and this made him really mad. So my dad worked very hard as an expeditor at a roller bearing company. He bought properties and rented out the houses to people. He renovated the houses he bought himself. He had a car wash built on his property that he took care of himself. He was very into gardening, making the huge yard look awesome, hunting, fishing, spending time with friends, and so much more. My mother's parents were German also. They had a huge farm too. When I was a child I felt like I was in a wonderland when we went there! There were so many trees and berries everywhere! They had sour cherry trees, blackberries, walnut trees, chestnut trees, and so much more. When I was in college I took Italian. I dropped the course because I had no interest in it and I wasn't picking it up easily. So I took German instead. I loved those classes so much. I understood it so well even though I was never around anyone who spoke it as a child. I found it interesting how much I loved pronouncing each word and how good I was at it. I found some German books that came with CDs to teach my daughter German. We had so much fun with this! Alot of the CD is music that a child can sing along the lyrics to. I have never been to Germany but it is somehow in me I think through genetics. I love old historic buildings which there are so few of here in the US since it isn't that old. If I were to go to Germany, I don't think I would come back here to the US. I want to see the old historic buildings and experience the culture there. I think it would be so awesome!
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wie geht's denn?

Hi,how cool,do you cook German food. ?

German cookies and sauerkraut.

Sehr gut!