Like, A Real German From Germany.

It's funny how most stories in this group are  written by people who have never so much as set foot onto German grounds. Now of course I don't mind this at all, it's just an observation I've made. I mean, it's a great thing people are aware and proud of their heritage. And I'm happy to notice there's not much left of the connotations formerly associated with this particular country.

So yeah, anyways, I'm German. I've lived inside the borders of my home country for most of my life. Born in the capital, moved to Hamburg at the age of four, living in the South today.

I doubt you'd notice, though, if you didn't know - I'm hardly a stereotypical member of this ethical group I was born into. People in other countries tend to doubt my Germanity once I tell them I'm a vegetarian and don't even like beer all that much. I also speak English and Spanish fairly well, which confuses people as they can't usually place my accent.

I like Germany though, it's a good place to live. Most of this country's advantages, just like its shortcomings, have made themselves known to me only while I was living somewhere else. I've never been a patriot, and to this day I'm not one, but I did develop a healthy amount of affection for it based on experiences I made both here and elsewhere.
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I'm german too =3

all Germans should be proud of there heritage,your transport runs on time ,the German mind shows any work done must be perfect your country shows what it can do,and what can be done if you put your mind to it.

I find some on the internet to be belligerent, and sadistic, as well as antagonists.I love my German work ethic, i am proud at preserving and I love being 6' with my shoes on.Hitler had his solders on Meth enough said.

what i don't like about the Germans,is this thing about saying sorry for being German,it seems to be the case ,is when they hear the person is German,the first thing in there head is Hitler,then the Germans then have to think they must go round saying sorry,what i have to say to any German,it is part of your history,just the same as Britain had an empire ,it got it by killing a lot of people,but you do not hear them going round saying sorry for being English do you,the German people have nothing to be sorry for, but what is the best thing about Germany,in one word ,everything about Germany.

Exactly. Very well put. Yet apparently the news hasn't spread too well; I've been asked the most absurd things about my home country in different parts of the world. "Hey, is Hitler still alive?" was actually one of the more harmless ones.

i think he died in Austria in 1961,there is a film with both him and a double walking , Hitler is on the right of the film the double is on the left of the film,he is part of Germany history,if that was the case Britain would need to pull down all of its castles,for all the bad things it did, Germany has a lot more history ,than just Hitler,but he is part of that history,so you can not just remove him for it,if you go to Hitler house now all removed,but go up to his tea room for a view of on top of the kalstein for the view from the top.

Can you tell me what you like most about Hamburg? My wife just got a job with a firm that's from that city.

Truth is, I like everything about that city. It's beautiful, culturally diverse, people are (generally) reasonably good-natured & civilized, and it never gets boring. It's reasonably clean. The river makes for some extra charm. The harbor is fascinating. There's tons of places to go, and things to see. Lots of opportunities to meet new people. Public transportation gets you everywhere. Living space is overpriced, especially in the "up'n'coming" districts. But then, in what city isn't that the case..

I have a good friend in Stuttgart. In fact, he's quite proud of the fact that his family has lived in the same district since the 1600s. By reason of that connection, I have spent a reasonable amount of time in the south and west of Germany, and time in Berlin. Of course, I'm well aware of what happened in the 20th Century. That was over by the time I was born. The Germany of my lifetime is a very pleasant and admirable nation and, to the extent one can generalize about a population that large, I have found a great deal to like and little to dislike about the German people.

I was born in Germany. Bremerhaven. Moved to the states at age 2. Been back once in 89 after the wall came down. Toured the country with pop. He's from the black forest. My favorite region. Amazing how grey everything seemed to get crossing into east Germany. I found the trabants hysterical. Back to the west, clean, flowers in every window. One sight of elderly women cleaning headstones sticks in my mind. Longing to return.