I Am 25% German

My mother is fifty percent German and it makes me wonder... I sometimes feel uncomfortable for being German, because I have Jewish friends and I haven't told them I am part German. I don't want them to hate me, because of what that stupid Hitler did to their people. I don't like being German sometimes, but it's who I am.
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I'm 25% German too! :D

Thanks, BabydollT. I feel the same way now. I love Germany!

YOU nor I were the ones who did those terrible things to Jewish people back then. Be proud of who you are and forget the ones who would judge you based on your heritage. We all are different & learn from our ancestors mistakes'

Thanks for the comforting words SupermanDC and Addison1984. I really think Hitler was a dueche and I still feel self-concious about my ancestory, but thank you for the encouraging words and insight. It's really helpful!

I am half German. I have friends who are Jewish, neither has ever been a problem. I do not feel guilty for what my ancestors did. I am disgusted by their actions but i was not involved with any of the atrocities they commited. History is there for us to learn from, I myself have learnt to be an accepting open person who does not judge others on race, religion or sexuality. It matters not what your ancestors did, but only that you do not make the same mistakes they did.