I Am Not German,  But I T...

I am not German,  but I teach German.  I have German ancestry.  Specifically from northern German in the Schleswig area. 
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I'm German on both sides of my family tree. My mothers grandfather was from the Hanover area and my father's family came from Hesse.

Read your comment first gen american "Mother from Northern Germany as well " "Kassel"" to be percise

Hi there... I just wanted to drop you a line, that I study German in my spare time and I think it's a beautiful language. Also you mentioned you have ancestors from Schleswig; I read in a history book all about the Dano-Prussian war of the 1860's, and how the Germans (and Danes) living in the state eventually voted to return the northern part of the region to Denmark. Happy teaching!

My paternal family is also from the Schleswig-Holstein area. It's a really nice place... especially for hearing Plattdeutsch. Wo de alle Platt gut snakken... :)