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I am an American but I have German ancestry. My husband is a 3rd generation German-American (his grandparents came to the U.S. from Germany). I can speak, write, and read a little bit of German but am not fluent. However, I would like to one day become fluent in the langauge and learn even more about the culture.  
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i love the german language and since my grandfather died when i was about 13 i really have very little practice aber ich spreche etwas deutsch, unfortunately lack of use makes me feel like im losing more on a daily basis

Guten tag! German language is actually pretty easy to pick up on. The class is fun too!

ach, aber dies is schon uralt! 2007 geschrieben. wohin bist du denn verschwunden?

Ich liebe dich

the best way to lern german and german culture is to come here for hollidays. travel a lot and learn about the different cultures here in germany

My grandparents were from Germany, mien Oma und mien Opa. And I remember some of the language, but over time I've forgotten a lot. They really never wanted me to learn it. Insisting that I was an American. What a treasure I've lost.

'tag, wie geht's? ........ and that's more or less all I remember of the language, which is disgusting considering I lived there for 3 years as a teen. I loved living there. Really loved it..........I want to go back!!

My mother was born in Germany. Her father was an American soldier who was stationed there after world war II. My first name is German, but I don't know any German (language) at all. :-)

I 'm part german my self ,and no matter what the past history of germany the germans where smart people we could thank them for the rocket and other things.I'm proud to be part german

It's cool you're looking to learn more about German culture. If you're interested, I was figuring we could talk sometime. I speak German fluently, being native-born, so you could get some practice if you wanted. :]