I am 100% German and was born in Germany 1991. When I was seven, just a few months before I turned 8, in the summer of 1999, my father was asked by his company, elringklinger, to move to the US. After much debate, my parents decided to go.
My mother left behind a nursing career and her family, my father his family and his country, and I left behind the only friend I'd ever had.
Of course, I had every intention of moving back to Germany as soon as possible, and didn't hesitate to tell all my new friends in America so. They weren't thrilled.

But now, gradually, I've come to love the US. Which is crazy, because there's so much screwed up here... but it's my country, you know? It's mine. I belong here.
I have a beautiful boyfriend with more patriotism than anyone of this generation, and it makes him all the more stunning.
There is something beautiful about the US, and the American dream.

But I am German. And I'll never forget that, or leave it behind. I still speak my mother tongue, as will my children. I intend for them to learn both simultaneously. I know of someone who did so, and their children are doing fine.

My children will be half German, 1/8 japanese, and 3/8 american mutt. :]

Being German has done a lot for me... Germans are more open-minded about some things, such as nudity... heh, in a German teen magazine, it's not rare to see a nude boy when you turn the page. In America, you get written off as a **** addict by the ignorant.
So being from a different culture has helped me to keep an open mind, and shape who I am today.

People ask me the dumbest things, like, "Do you think Hitler was right in what he did?"
Somehow, it doesn't anger me, but scares me. How ignorant can you be? If this is the future generation, then what hell awaits us in the future?

But it's all well. Because I'm here, so I can break the stereotype. I consider it a privilege.
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My friends in Stuttgart seem quite patriotic Germans. It is a less ostentatious patriotism than is the fashion here, but I never thought having a small flag pin in your lapel meant much anyway. Having been born after WWII, the Germany I know is the Federal Republic, which has become a bulwark of western democracy. Both it and the US have strengths and weaknesses. I will suggest that the development of the US, particularly in the 19th and early 20th Centuries, was heavily influenced by the large number of German immigrants. My own Father, who was only the second generation of our family born here, was a German-American in the US Army in WWII.

Love your story. I am African, Nigerian, and I just got married to a German and I have to say that I agree with you on the following:<br />
<br />
''I intend for them to learn both simultaneously'' : direct quote from your story, when we start having kids, I intend for our kids to learn German, English( which is the lingua franca in Nigeria) and my native dialect which is Yoruba. I think it will thoroughly enrich their lives. <br />
<br />
also<br />
''Germans are more open-minded about some things, such as nudity''. lol... Tell me about it, had my first experience at Carolus Thermen in Germany(a wonderful sauna open to all) sometime last year, and strangely enough I was very comfortable and totally enjoyed myself, and that is strange considering that I was born and raised in the part of the world where although it is burning hot, a lady wearing a tank top is usually viewed as exposing too much flesh, and as such not considered someone decent. lol....