Lost Family History In Fire...

My grandmother spent over 20 years searching for our family history. She traveled far and wide, searching courthouses, cemeteries, phone directories etc. (this was before the wondrous thing called the Internet lol) and in 2004 my parents home burnt to the ground while they were away. Inside was all my grandmothers research, gone in minutes. Although I had made plans to start unraveling the mystery and sorting through her mounds of notes, sadly life had gotten in the way and between work, kids and family I hadn't had the time. I know a little about my great grandpa and grandpa who were both from Germany but that is pretty much the extent. I would love to know a good way to start tracing it down and be able to complete the digital record she had put so much blood and sweat into starting. I am a single mother of 3 and have a VERY limited budget so the traveling she did is not even an option for me. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. The only starting point I have is my maiden name is Breitmeier.

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/thank you! im going to check at the school, that would be great!

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I too have an interest in heraldry/ancestry. <br />
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Sometimes there are societies or even research people at your local universities who would do this for a fee, probably less than the cost of a flight to europe.<br />
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You could google ancestry and Breitmeier, or you could go the Ancestry.com website and follow the search prompts there. <br />
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I hope this helps. <br />
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