Auf Meiner Seite Väter (on My Father's Side)

I've been trying to take the time and learn the German language for a long time. I don't know much about my heritage at all. Except my Great grandmother.. I got to meet her before she passed, she was 100 years old... and we have the same first and last name. She thought my parents named me after her.. but my mother had no idea about her. She was always so happy to say.. when I pass there will ALWAYS be another _____(MY NAME) in the world!

Anyways she left Germany when the Holocaust was going on. She told my mother how she came to America by boat and the first thing she saw was the statue of liberty... She started to weep.. because she knew she was finally free! meine Urgroßmutter.  She was the dearest, most fragile woman.

I hope to learn more about my heritage. You can tell I'm German from some of my looks.. But a lot of people think I'm Irish because of the red hair.. Maybe?! Unfortunately, I don't know all of my heritage and I don't know how to find out. But if you knew my last name it's a prominent (most popular)  German name.

I also had a crush on this German foreign exchange student in high school, Vivian. She was gorgeous and the accent... so heiß   :D

Anyways... Danke fürs Lesen

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It sounds like you are very interested in your heritage, that is good and very German. I too am German American and third Generation in this country. I have been doing research on the German culture and history since 1991. I find the land of my father (and mother) very interesting. What most people don't realize is that the Queen of England is really German and that the northern part of the English isle was settled by the Germanic tribes. The queens mother was the first cousin the the last Czar of Russia and Wilhelm of German (the last German emperor).<br />
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Like you I have a great fascination with the people and the country. Learning the language is very difficult unless you have another person to speak the language with you on a regular basis. I studied the language for three years and went to Germany to live the culture for a month and spoke only German while there, unfortunately I can't speak the language very well now as I haven't spoken it for 19 years now. Good luck in learning the language, I admire you for learning the dialects and language. I find that I enjoy going to the local German deli for lunch and talking with the old man about the old country and he does talk t me in German occasionally but mostly in English as many Germans want to improve thier English (American) English is referred to as the what is spoken in England and is known as the King's English. LOL<br />
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I have enjoyed your post and the comments on this site, hope you enjoy your research, if you ever want to know more about the early history of the country I would be happy to share with you. What we are taught in our history books is much different than what is taught in the books about German history.<br />
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Fred Schuster

im winter ist deutschland viel zu kalt!<br />
ich tausche mit euch! ;)

I'm a native German. I was born there and lived there for five years. My mother, though, was disgusted with our heritage and only taught me to speak English. Yes, my great grandmother passed last year on Febuary 17, 7:35 pm. She was very dear to me, but I never got to properly say goodbye to her. I now live in America, but miss my old home in Rammstein...holy crap, you have red hair too! It's actually a pretty common hair color in Germany, two of my neighbors were redheads!

ROTFL Danke Prinzessin, für die Übersetzung!! <br />
Heehee indeed VERY sweet... <br />
<br />
I heard she smells like, Weihnachtsgebäck , herself!! Mmm yummy!! :P

Wow!! I'm SO jealous DollyDiva! I've always wanted to visit Germany,,, I think I'd love it so much, I'd want to live there. Someday this WILL happen though. <br />
<br />
Are you going for school? Ich wette, es war schön. :o)<br />
Haben Sie Bilder ? <br />
Lucky girl!!

mein liebling ist deutscher. Ich besuchte Deutschland im letzten Monat. Es war im Herbst aber sehr kalt. <br />
<br />
Ich liebe Berlin :)<br />
Ich bin Umzug nach Deutschland im nächsten Jahr !

LOL Inku.. You could of said that meant anything.. I wouldn't of know until I looked it up! I use a translation website too, and you were correct! lol :o) I love it!<br />
Inkubus:<br />
* youll haben, mir zu zeigen Ihre Tanzbewegungen..<br />
Ive been sterben zu sehen Sie arbeiten Ihren Körper*<br />
<br />
LMAO you have to look up that translation! Muah!

LOL my German is shocking but I reckon the translation looks right to me :)