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But I don't know how much?  It came from my mother side of the family.  The l name of hers was Barnes, and they settled in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia, but I don't know when they came here, my father side of the family came and settled here in the year of 1756a.d. and they say I am part French.  But, right now I am American or to people here a Mountaineer. Yeah, me!

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2 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Thanks Monaca. for your in-put, I don't believe half the things people tell me anymore, I have to see it for myself. I am Glad for who I am. I am a proud gay West Virginia, who is a town-councilman, I serev of the Board of the Chamber Of Commerce, President Of Neighborhood Watch, Youth Council Board member, Volunteer Fireman, statring a new business so, and thinking about going back to school in the fall.

Hey, all of us came from the other continent, don't let anybody belittle you because of where you from, they are stupid, not you, believe me.