Does anyone have an alternate interpretation of some of the gestures?
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12 Responses Aug 5, 2010

for me its all for fun i dont mind any of them some of them make me smie and some make me laugh so all of them are fine with me

@datura: hahahahahahahaha that's a good question!<br />
<br />
@gloria: exactly. most of them are straightforward unless one gets reeeeally creative

i like all of the gestures i never take any of them wrong but some of them make me hyper or make me laugh

Would a " hose off" be appropriate next, or would that be taken the wrong way too??????

yea, i'm running. lol

ROFLZZZ Awwww c'mooon! It's a poke. I mean joke LOL >:] *evil grins*

then i would send you a run from you gesture. lol

*drops jaw* hahahahahahaha

LOL Sometimes I wonder what people think when I send them a "poke" gesture when my mood says "horny" hahahahahaha

Alternate interpretations...oh dear, now you made me wonder ;)

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahaha gotcha!

Hahahahahah why? >:)