I Need Sleep

I have a long road ahead of me. Right now, I try to look at the good things that will come out of my future divorce and the first thing that comes to mind is more sleep.

Ever since our kids were born, I believe my wife has been unfair with me. Without a doubt, she had very disturbed sleep because both of our sons were very poor sleepers. However, I always took them out of the house on my days off as soon as I woke up so that my wife may get some rest.

I have not had a day-time nap since that time myself. My wife had been one-sided when it came to getting rest. Any time that I laid down, she would wake me up and yell at me to do chores -- chores that could usually wait.   Any day that she woke up before me, she would pester me and say that I am sleeping in.   One of her tricks was to vacuum clean in the bedroom.   She would tell her friends that I sleep in every day and that I never gave her free time -- she still says that. The list goes on and on. It has taken me this long to realize that my wife is a very bad person because of that.  I do not think she realizes how absurd she appears because all of her friends know that the kids are with me when she is out of the house.  

One episode in the past year was very astonishing. She was sick one night and asked me to go to an all-night pharmacy to get her gravol. I did. The next morning, she woke up fresh and yelled at me for sleeping in. She then went on to chide me " You have a lot of nerve trying to cuddle up to me when leave me to take care of the kids while you sleep in! " I reminded her that I went out in the middle of the night to get her medicine and she just blew it off.

By the way, I get to work by 6AM at the latest five days a week. My wife has been able to go to the gym on average three times a week in the evenings while I mind the kids and put them to bed. None of that matters to her.

I will have a hard time adapting to living apart from my kids but at least I will get some sleep and I will no longer be subjected to domestic abuse.
AnarChristian AnarChristian
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AC, what is it with these people that drop in here and think that they know everything about you and have the right to dis you? I like your reply though! <br />
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I can't wait for you to be enjoying the benefits of being out of your psycho-ex's claws. She sounds like she actually has a problem though. I's she bi-polar or just *****-polar-ice-queen? <br />
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It's been time for a while. Glad for you that it's finally done.

ColorYouFrigid, <br />
I am not saying that I should get to sleep in. I am saying that my wife is lying to people. <br />
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You refusers have a carefree attitude towards handling the truth.

Oh please. I do NOT feel sorry for you. If you're all THAT, you should be seeking joint legal AND physical custody of the kids. What kind of dad would leave them with the monster you paint your wife to be?<br />
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It ticks me off that in a divorce, men get off scott-free to start new lives with younger, childless women, while we women are left holding the freaking bag. I work 9-10 hours a day MINIMUM, go to the gym 4x a week, AND deal with the kids. And NO, we don't get to sleep in!

AC, screw the sleep. You have plenty of time in your old age to do that. You have some living and fkg to do!

The start of a new life, refreshed and able to sleep. I hope it all goes well for you. I know of many divorced parents for whom sharing the child care has actually been a blessing - you occasionally get a weekend sleep in! Enjoy.

Keep your eye on the future and better days to come. Don't let W's distractions or complaints let you forget the truth and what is important. There is a life ahead that includes your children and an appreciative lover/mate that will enjoy your intensity and intelligence. I expect / hope you'll find a woman will give you a challenge in all aspects and keep you engage. Best!

Hey AnarC,<br />
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Maybe not only will you get to sleep in but you'll get to do it in the arms of a woman who has ******* you senseless most of the night!<br />
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Princess Sayinganovenaforya

My now 4 yr old got up at 5:30 AM or earlier every morning until he was 3. Not one time did my STBX get up with him, although he did often complain that our son was too loud and he couldn't sleep. And this was when I was working until 9:30 four nights a week. <br />
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We should've been the ones saying "I'm too tired..." <br />
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I bet you feel so awesome after some rest, AC!!