Lifetime Trying.........

I was 18 she was 16, we courted for 4years, married had 3 children, now have 3 granchiidren, they are my life.......

during our time together, which totals 32years, we have seperated, twice, this is our third time, each time she had someone else, I never did, never wanted to, one seperation was for 11months, one for 8months.  In all those years she has accused me of having affairs with anyone i looked,spoke to ...including family & freinds.........

The last time 8 years ago when she asked me back, i told her that i will never go through this again, just one hint, suspicision, and its over... then at the begining of this year, she started going out again, regularly with freinds, sister, no problems with that then gettin back later, mobile phone never left around, gettin up at weekends going out at 6am....i saw the signs, arranged to go to dinner with her and asked her, she denied it, but said she wanted out...i just said ok, we never even finished the meal....Her reason was "i have been given a second chance at life i want to take it", see she is 3years into remission with leaukemia, i sat by her bed for 6months as she went through so horrific treatment, now she says i did it to control her, i did it coz i love her........

we waited till after our son married in july then told the family, we went on holiday together with our youngest son, and the day after we returned she moved out.......

She is filing for divorce on the grounds of MY ADULTERY, see after she left i decided that32years was long enough to try and convince someone you love them, i asked a girl out from where i bought coffee when at work, we have a laugh, but my wife now says i was cheating for all those years with this girl.....

Question to you i sign a confession she has sent me admitting it, and then move on, or stick with the truth and keep my integrity...make no real difference now i suppose i will never go back to again what difference will a lied confession make?

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Is it just me or does anybody else think he really did do those things he supposedly fabricated?

She has a secret she wants to keep hidden.This will give her the way to make you the bad guy and keep it hidden and take you to the cleaners at same time.All desructive behaviors need an enabler stop being one

hi there ,why would you admit to somthing that you did not do , no please do not , then she will take you to the cleaners, get on with your life and dont look back, and enjoy it , you have earned the right,,

I hope by this time your divorce is through and that you didnt sign anything. I wish you all the best as I understand what it is like to try and try again and for it all to thrown back in your face. To our bright futures!

The truth will set you free - simple but in your case true. You said it yourself there would be no difference but there is. Deep inside also want to prove to her that you went out (dated) and what would it make out of you? Just keep it simple. Be real and you will be happy soon. . .

I also fabricated a lot of stories so that my wife would be able to blame me for things that I never did. I thought it would make her feel good. I wanted to make her feel good. She is taking advantage of the situations ever since.


Why admit to something untrue? Please don't sign that, you are signing away your right to be happy and independent if you do. You will always regret it.

DO NOT SIGN A THING!!!!! DO DO DO NOT SIGN A THING!!! If you do then she will use that against you in court. Trust me. Besides that you would be lying if you said you did something wrong. The truth is you did NOTHING WRONG and she in deed did. So do not let her screw you out of anymore of anything the way she already had.

uh yeah. Durr fool.

Please! stick to the truth...dont SIGN anything!

From my experiences, the person getting all excited and doing uncalled blaming, is the one has something to hide. <br />
<br />
Man i hear ya about crazy, mine belongs in a rubber room as well. Good luck dude!