So It Would End

so it was like any story about two kids in love. It was us against the world but there were other factors invovled. Both in the military. Always being deployed and one always staying home. there was always trust issues always fighting... Im too blame for a lot of it too. but he did the same. We finally got our lives back together. He promised me i would have my best friend back i stayed faithful through yet another deployment, he came to visit me while i was in training. I gained 5 lbs and it was WWIII. but he didnt say anything till he took my car crashed it...actually totalled. Got another girl pregnant asked me for money while we were separated. Screwed with my head over and over. until finally now two and a half years later im now getting my divorce... 
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My husband is in the military also. When his battalion was deployed to Iraq in 2005 he had a 2 year affair with one of the females in his unit. 8 women came back from there pregnant. Love sucks and I have no faith or trust in people who are in the military.

Just out of curiosity: Why did you not just cap his ***?

well after he did all that to just need to kick him to the curb,,,,, like they say, you can do bad by yourself, you dont need another person bringing you down.

well good for you sounds no good anyways,,all i can say if a man doesnt love you for you only then he doesn't love you at all <br />
<br />
good luck you deserve it :)