Final Break

I'd been married for 30 years when our marriage finally hit the skids.

It had become a loveless, sexless relationship and had been that way for a while. When you give your love and get nothing in return, you eventually "run dry".My daughter noted the fact that there was no love even for her and that really hurt as I love her dearly. The one consoling fact was that she said she survived on the unconditional love that I gave her, unknowingly fulfilling the role of both mother and father, giving both nurturing love and support.

It was a strange marriage as partners are supposed to share most everything, their fantasies and dreams. We shared nothing except the same bed and house.

After two years apart I am finally applying for a divorce.

I've finally met my soulmate and have discovered how much I have missed out on.
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And I whine when the ones dear to my heart are a few miles away...<br />
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Thanks :)

@Dean, you can rant on all you want. I must say that it took our break up to finally convince my wife to seek counselling. We remain friends, but just can't live together any longer and has left me free to deal with my issues.<br />
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@Humpty, after the birth of our second child we started to drift apart and that is nearly 21 years ago.<br />
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@Toughskin, we've been through counselling and that was the catalyst to separate permanently <br />
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@Sylph, my dear friend, I've come through the other side of the loss, ready to face my own issues head on. The path I now follow is one that I must as it has been bubbling inside me all my life and my soulmate is fully supportive of what I must do. Actually I just checked the distance and it is closer to 10,000 miles!!!(9,934)

I'm sorry, Mick. I'm sorry this happened in your life. The loss, in spite of lack of substance, is still a loss. Thirty years is a big chunk in anyone's life. I think it is what saddens me the most... going through the loss. Yet with true spirits in our hearts, we deeply know we'll be happy again. In a new different life.<br />
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But 8000 miles away...?! <br />
Let me give you the faerie superglue so you'll hold on real tight...


I too have been seperated for 18 months after 17 yrs of marraige we drifted apart and she had told me 2 yrs previous that she no longer loved me,still looking for that soul mate whose out there.

You so right Full Circle<br />
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And Dean, I'm sorry things are that way. I know only too well how you feel. I'm fortunate in the my kids are now grown. I have to say that I also had issues which are now being dealt with, so it's not totally her fault.

My heart is with you Becnme. You know when things are right, just as when they are wrong. Take flight and feel the air in your wings. X

Hopefully one day things will work out., Taken.<br />
Yes MR, it seems now it was a marriage on a piece of paper and certainly not "made in heaven" *sigh*<br />
I have to say, that is the best thing that's ever happened to me Ocean

you don`t know how right you are. with the net we can overcome many things. and there are ways to keep it alive. no matter how far.if it is right it is right.

Thanks to modern technology and the net, we talk just about every day, although different time zones make it difficult. I must admit I am a hopeless romantic too DT x

Thanks.....unfortunately she's 8000 miles away *sigh*