I Stay Miserable And Hurt

My wife and I have been married 22 years we dated since sophmore year in H.S. There has never been enough sex for my liking but I always assumed it was a guy thing. I was ok with it because she was my best friend we worked out together, travelled, simply did everything together. Then 9 yrs ago we decided to and were blessed with a son. He is a great kid we are truly blessed. But over the las 9 yrs I have disappeared I am so far down the list of priority's I dont exist anymore. I come home from business trips and she doesnt even speak to me, no hug, kiss, nothing. Sometimes before a trip she feels some duty to have sex with me an this really hurts. At the same time she has never been a very affectionate person to anyone else but now she hugs her students, our freinds, her family. I beg for her affection and Im am not talking about sex Im speaking of hand holding, hugs, kissses. She wants none of it! She says others hug her but I have seen her take that first step toward them. I stay hurt, angry, and miserable. Im alone a lot and the more Im alone my fantasies have gotten much wilder and out of character for me. She takes issue with this and I do understand but if I was having a positive affectionate relationship I would not need to push the envelope. Any suggestions on what to do or just continue to suffer is silence?
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1 Response May 8, 2012

She is slipping away and you have two choices, let her go or figure out how to re-start things. Every relationship takes work by both people. I would suggest having "the talk" or suggest going for some type of couple therapy. If you wait to long it will be pointless because you will both become to bitter to resolve any issues. Been there Done that.