Sad, No Kids, No Friends, Now No Spouse

I'm encouraged that many of you find happiness in your divorce or see it to be a good thing. I remember the happiness I felt when I went down the aisle with my father. That turned into despair as quickly as the honeymoon after when my husband spent the whole afternoon again complaining about the local food in a way that implied it was my fault (I lived in that country and the food is fantastic). Then I saw birds out the window and wished I could trade them places. I envied that they had a less stifling existence. But sometimes I remember good times and they make me sad to remember because I'm not even Facebooked with my husband anymore. He calls me to bend my arm to fill out the legal paperwork and we aren't even acquaintances anymore although we agreed to remain friends. I haven't replaced him with anyone else, not friends, or new hobbies. It's just a troubling transition for anybody I think and we deal with it differently. Me, I experience more sadness than anger although I guess it isn't nearly as effective in healing and moving on.
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1 Response May 18, 2012

You know, sometimes no matter how much it may hurt sometimes the best thing is to divorce. Often times the ones we marry are not the right ones for us. I wish you the best but remember that life goes on, and there's somewhere out there, there's that perfect person for you.