A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Of My Spiral To The Bottom.

Divorce is costly, it hurts people, kills finances, and kills relationships. I know this, but my soon to be Ex does not, she has never seen one up close.
So as I start to spiral down, shutting down, wanting to quit life (not kill myself), I started to read the Bible, many other books, and pray all the time. Then I started to seek wisdom from very wise men I have carefully selected.

I have always heard that recovering alcoholics, others would talk about taking it day by day, or hour by hour. I have never understood that until now. I am a daddy, I own my own business (which means no time off), and there are many people who depend on my to keep my wits together. So I just gave it up to God, and said this situation is all in your hands. I live hour by hour, and do not think too far ahead. It keeps me from being overwhelmed, and keeps me from losing my mind.

Right after I handed everything over to God, I started sleeping BETTER than a baby. I still have my rough times and bad days at times, but I am able to handle what is coming at me piece by piece.
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Good for you! I have been going through a similar situation and also looked to God for hope and strength. I have started to find both, although my sleeping is still not great and I have a lot of anxiety. I never would have believed it would be this hard. I have been able to start to look more than one day ahead (but not too far!) and have a great support group of friends and family - hope you have that also. Best wishes to you - by far the worst thing I have had to deal with!

Thanks, buddy.