Any Of This Happen To Anyone Else?

I am currently living in the same house with a woman who hates me. She wants a divorce, but I will not move out until it is final because of custody issues. She cannot stand me, and I work a grueling job during the day. Yet when I come home, she just constantly gives me horrible vibes. The divorce looks like it will go on for another 3 or 4 months, so I am highly stressed and not sure I can take it any longer. But I am doing it for my daughter.
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2012 sucks, if the house is in both names then both should stay and both should be paying their part. Witch one wanted the divorce? Both need your space, and keep you senses together, at least for your daughters sake.

perhaps she is having a grueling time in the house with you - have you ever thought that! my divorce has been going on for 15 months - if i was you i would get out - i've just got out and i see my daughter one week on and one week off and she's a lot calmer

Yes, In exact situation. Trying to get the hater to leave, but she is still here.

Sometimes we do it just for the kids. Make sure you dont do it for the wrong reasons.

Purely for the kid, my attorney advised me to do it.

Do it for your kid, if you're anything like me you likely stayed in the marriage for years solely for her sake anyhow - you can make it another 3 or 4 months and yes that really is the light of freedom at end of the tunnel, not another oncoming train.