Freeked Out

my wife and i were togeather for 4 was all great from all ends from the time we met. we were married a year ago....
5 weekes ago she went to see her family, and like i said it was peferct before she left. our sex life was great too. we had great sex the night before she left.... well... she never came home... she moved in with another man .... to me it was like, it was all good and the next day she was gone
i did a little research and found out ,her and this man had been talkin on the internet and texting each other over 200 times a day for the last 3 months....i have already filed for divorce. she has tried to come back once. i told her no... i have sent her some really mean text over the last 5 weeks, but i can't help it.... i decided today i was gonna cut off all comunacation with her. i'm just gonna try to forget and move on.
man...... i just can't understand how she or anyone eles can do that, because i don't take wedding vows very lightly....... the whole situation blows my mind, and if anyone has any FEEDBACK on this i'd really like to hear it.
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1 Response Aug 5, 2012

I think you're well rid of her. Anyone who would do this doesn't deserve to be married in the first place, especially to someone who takes their marriage vows very seriously--as you do. Filing for divorce and not letting her come back was a very wise decision. If you let her come back, that will just say to her that what she did was OK, when obviously it wasn't. Cutting off all communication was also a very good idea. She needs to understand that this is a break that can't be mended: there are no second chances when it comes to breaking wedding vows. Obviously the two of you have different moral codes, which are clearly compatible. The sooner the divorce goes through, the sooner you'll be able to heal completely and find someone who has the same values and takes marriage as seriously as you do. If you want to chat about this some more, I'd love to hear from you and give you any support I can.