Oh What Tangled Webs We Weave...... :(

I have been trying to get my ex to sign the divorce papers. He has been avoiding me to the point of not coming to see the children. He has become depressed and even asked if we could get the divorce annulled later down the line.

I jokingly asked my friend if i could trick my ex into signing the papers... my friend came up with the plan to let my ex think that there could be a way to reconcile. I feel dirty and dishonest about this. I know my ex is the one that left me, I know he has been living with another woman for about 2 years, (she was my best friend).

I know all this but i still don't feel good about it. But i did it today. Of course i found out again that he had been lying to me about splitting up with his girlfriend. But he also went from 0 to 60 miles an hour. He talked about getting remarried, and that I would at least need to get into another relationship so when we got back together we would be even.

I hate lying... and although i did mention that i was thinking about it and since he wasn't leaving his girlfriend, that it was not going to happen. I told him i would never be the other woman. But he ran with it. Tomorrow we are suppose to see each other. I am hoping i can get him to the notery and get him to sign the papers tomorrow.

I feel all kinds of bad for this. I just want him to sign the divorce papers. I want to be separate from him.
phoenix2011 phoenix2011
36-40, F
Aug 26, 2012