Men Battling Biased Divorce Laws

After experiencing the inner workings of family law for the first time I am so disappointed with the system and how the law is so corrupt and self serving and I mean the lawyers and judges that allow the injustices to go on.
I expected equality, 50/50, justice, the balanced scales that are a symbol of justice which I found to be a @#$%* joke.
There needs to be serious reform of marriage in this country such as:

• Sunset all marriages for 5 years. If they are not renewed by both, they automatically expire.
• Child support shared 50-50 by both parents regardless of income (no Mick Jagger situations)
• No community property. He/She who owns it, earned it, paid for it, or bought it, keeps it.
• No alimony for anyone.
• Each pays his own divorce legal expenses.
• Make prenuptial agreements a legal prerequisite to marriage and make them impervious to nullification by corrupt judges.

This would encourage lazy women to get a job instead of staying at home and watching Oprah while their husband is chained to a desk.
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Maybe you should become a lawyer?

I will agree, but as the joke goes. "why do divorces cost so much? They are worth it". There is light at the end of the tunnel and the reason courts are like that is because so many guys are a$$holes and would screw there kids over it a heart beat. I had mine and I know I will be paying for them for a while.

I'm with you! Going thru mediator now and it's saving a ton of money, it's also hard to negotiate with the STBX and be civil about it. But we're close to finishing.<br />
<br />
I have no problem with child support. But alimony, excuse me... "spousal support" is just BS. <br />
<br />
My STBX chose not to work after kid started school, even tho I asked repeatedly to work only part time, cuz we have plenty of bills that she created... take your pick, either work part time and help financially, or take care of the house. It should be spotless since your home all day, I'm at work, kids at school. WTH do you do all day? Do "something" with your life....<br />
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Now leaving long term marriage, and 6 years support so she'll need to figure out something before the gravy train stops. In the mean time I'm paying out the nose for support. It's BS. <br />
<br />
There's no physical or medical reason why she can't work even part time. It's total BS. But 6 years goes pretty fast, one guy in my divorce class had "indefinite" support.!!! Talk about getting a shaft!<br />
<br />
One thing my attorney suggested I use in the decree (laymen terms) "in event of remarriage, cohabitation, or significant increase of income, spousal support stops or is reduced"<br />
<br />
so even is she takes on a room mate I'll be able to appeal.... and since we share custody with daughter, I keep an open eye/ear as to what's going on!

Sorry to hear about your situation. You seem to be very level headed and handling it all very well. My situation was similar to yours with one exception, I was fortunate enough towards the end to get her out of the house and bringing in a pay check. I dodged the alimony bullet.
I wish you luck and if Karma exists you have good things coming your way. Good to hear your story Mobius470.

Thanks for the encouragement...
Ironically, I was paying the phone bill last week and decided to look at her usage... Holy ****!!!! She's been texting this one number since Oct 2011. Some months over 2000 texts/month. No wonder she continually shut me down at attempts to get help from counseling. So I called this number, and it's a guy, (which I new already just wanted to confirm). Not that I haven't had a GF on the side. But realize that we both got off track and I'm willing to try to get help with making the marriage better, but she doesn't want to try. Claims it's too hard on her health... Whatever.... I think it's the poor diet and lack of exercise like her Dr mentioned....

So just a few more months, we'll be signing and I'll call him back and mention that he'll need a crowbar and lots of KY to get her legs open! Have fun buddy!!