Laughing Talking Hugging ;laying Back Watching A Tv Show And Talk About The Subject Fall To Sleep Wake Up I

making her coffee in the morning.and cooking dinner. she need both of her hips it takes about 6 month to have both hips replace. only do one at a time. then you must wait another month before you can have the other hip replace. was in the hospital room from wake up time still time for you to leave.feel a sleep a lot in the room make her feel she is not alone. came home after each hip replacement put a chair in the shower to wash her up. raise the toilet cover up to make don't hurt when she bent down to use it. during this hole time period she in bed. what ever she wanted or needed.bring it to her. she got better drove her to work and pick her up.when ever she needed meds for the pain from the hip replacement.i go and buy them for her. each morning i set her in a high chair i made. to make up and put new covers on the bed before she get back in.the problem a rise when her meds ran out she find someone to go and find a drug dealer for more meds.I told her that she must cut down taking these drugs. she left me. she amd my daughter and boy friend who buys drugs for her. one night i was augering about all the drugs she taking. she call my daughter boyfriend to beat me. i left and went to my sister house for a few days she had both doors front and back door locks changed. so i left and call in a few days. she told me not to come back home still 4pm , came back every thing in the house was taken out all there was a empty house. call her at work and she told me her lawyer said she should not speck to me. I was just loving her not for sex
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Sep 15, 2012