I Never Saw This Coming

My husband of only not quite 2 years got up and told me he was divorcing me??? We were getting along there was no fighting I do not even know what happened? He has been gone for 6 weeks. I feel like I cant go on another day. I keep asking myself what just happened. He has not really even given me a reason why. I am so sad confused angry and so many emotions are going on and I cant seem to cope anymore on a day to day basis.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

This could have been my story. I loved my husband very much and was torn apart inside when, out of the blue, he asked me for a divorce. I spent months crying and wanting desperately for him to return. Only months later did a close mutual friend come to me and tell me that she'd seen him with someone else and I learned that he'd met this other person while out at a bar one night with friends while we were still together.
We divorced and he lived with her but they never married. Later, they separated and he married someone else. Several years after that, he became involved with the same woman again and his second marriage broke up because of her. Still, they never married.
I was so miserable at the time we broke up but when I ran into him a few months ago, I felt such inner peace that we were no longer married. I could have never trusted him again. He wanted to renew our relationship and I had no desire to do that.
It may take some time, perhaps even years, but you'll find things will not only be easier for you but you'll feel much differently about him. Good luck to you.

I dunno if I sometimes have the perspective to answer but a person I think who is wiser than I once told me that I might not get all the answers I seek. I dunno which is worse sometimes - for the kids to at least be older or if they would have picked up stuff in a given relationship etc. etc. What I do hope is that people find what they are looking for in life. Sometimes it seems that there are so many challenges but there are little glimmers here and there - sunsets and sunrises - birds feeding, rainbows etc. And children's laughter. Those and many other things is what I live for. And maybe I have to resign myself to the idea that I won't find that special someone but another piece of advise I got from another wise friend was that compromise does not typically work either...