What To Do?????

I met my husband in high school got married my senior year and have been married now for 9 years. He went into the air force and we ended yp in cali for 4 years i thought everything was going to be good because he couldnt do the drugs but boy was i wrong. He just wanted to hang out with friends go every where with them and left me and 2 kids at home away from my family, no friends, He has started drinking alot and i mean he will go through a pint of whiskey along with 30 pack of beer every 2 days. We have two kid now and neither one of them like to stay with him they say he just yells makes them stay in there rooms and be quiet. He tells me that he drinks all the time to cope with life of being married and being a father. But i cant get the courage up to tell him iam out i fell like he will do stuff to intentioaly hurt himself. He blames me for alot of stuff, everything that goes wrong in his life. At first i thought it was because he went to iraq and seen alot of stuff but its been 7 years know that he been out of military and he still take s it out on all the people that love him. i tell him that he is a acholic and needs help he tell me that he can quit anttime but when he dosent have his beer he is so aggravated so i will take my last bit of money and get hime beer so theres not any fighting or yelling at kids they dont deserve this. i have never been alone i got married my when i was 18.i dont know how to do this anymore. i took my wedding ring off about 4 mths ago and i can bring my self to put it back on. he hasnt even noticed it. I think he wants out to he tells his mother that he is so unhappy and i confront him about that and he turns it all around and somehow makes ime fell like its all my faught.
mistyfort mistyfort
26-30, F
Sep 20, 2012