My Unhappy Marriage Or My New Happy Future?

Hello this is slapurface and my first stroy. I am going through a divorce. My husband (we will call him Ethan) wants to work on it but i just dont love him the way i used to. we have 2 kids which i think he only likes the title of father and not the actual job because he only plays with them or interacts with them when we fight to look good. He is very controlling and very verbally abusive (not physical i know better). Well i met a man or better yet a boy named (lets call him Cloud) who i became friends with and soon after best friends he was always there when me and Ethan were fighting. At one point Cloud said he would stop hanging out with me to save me from getting yelled at by Ethan (who is VERY jealous ) but that didnt even stick cause we are good friends. Cloud does have a temper and alittle bit of a bipolar tendency. but i feel like im starting to fall for him...big time. Me and Ethan are seperated and dont live with eachother anymore, but he thinks we are working on it, but i let him to believe that so he wont take this out on the kids are be an *** when we finalize the divorce. I think the real question is i know its too early to start a new relationship but do i atleast try it out slow with Cloud before its too late or stay as friends?
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Just stay friends until you are sure about what you want to do. You don't want to get with this guy and 6 months down the road realize you want ur husband back after you've made a huge mistake.

well i think i am going to back off cloud has been acting weird and ignoring me lately, but i dont want my husband back but i get what ur saying thank you ^_^