My Heart Hurts

Cloud will ignore me infront of people and i know its cause we work together but to ignore my txts and to not even look at me y? I hate that you dont a damn and i do. You have no clue how i cant sleep at night if your mad at me or how you make me cry when you say "not tonight" after i got ready and cleaned. i would be with you in a heart beat but my heart hurts so much i cant even breath. I would love to see you smile and make my heart start to skip again bu t i know you wont. Y cant you fell the same? Y cant i give up on you? Y do i feel like writing this down will make me feel better? U wont love me either way so y bother? But i will be there if u need me cause i am weak for ur smile and for ur love. Though u will never see this i hope one day u can make my heart stop hurting?!

slapurface slapurface
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 25, 2012

At least you still love him. That is precious. It doesn't always last.