He Won't Sign

My estranged husband and I have been separated for eight months. I filed for divorce last May. He was served, but he won't sign the divorce papers. I made the biggest mistake of my life marrying him. Next month we will be separated as long as we were married ( nine months ). I left after several times of him getting physical with me, only to find out from my lawyer that he has a PFA against him from another woman.
I just want out! I don't want anything from him (he has nothing anyway; I paid all the bills, owned the home long before he came on board, and am completely self-sufficient).
We were high school sweethearts that re-united. I didn't marry the adult he had become; I married the boy I thought I loved. It was my first marriage, and it will be my last. I don't want the divorce so that I can meet someone new; I just want him out of my life!
I feel like I'm stuck in a nightmare!
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I know how u feel, I was wit a man for 4 yrs, n he was very abusive, I left him 3 times b4 I finally got away from him, the first 2 times I left he found me, finally the third time when I left I mov'd 2 a different city, so I know what u mran bout just wanting out. That was all I wanted 2 I just wanted 2 get away from him n get on wit my life, it took me awhile 2 get away from him but I finally did.