I Should Have Expected It

My husband came home and told me he was moving out. I should have expected it first because I knew he was ******* a girl he works with for the past year. Rumor has it she knocked up. But i still cannot believe it even in the business(a hooker) I'm it I never thought we;d break up.
When we were short of money he had no problem with me paying the landlord on our bed, of course that was a long time ago, and he didn't know I continued to sell him a little each week.
I just think with him being gone five days a week he looked elsewhere for sex. i really hope he hasn't found out about my activities. i would think if he had he would have said something aboout it.
I guess i deserve it.
ashley14880 ashley14880
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4 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Better off without him.

ashley14880 I don't think it's all your fault. A man who would encourage his partner....married or not...to support them both through paid "sexual favours" for others is not a caring person. Most of us go through difficult financial times without selling our bodies or having our spouse use us in such away.

Maybe he felt the way you supported the family was his permission to cheat. You're better off without him...

you know I never thought about it but he was pretty quick to suggest that i play the poor little tart with no money routine.

Sorry you went through that...glad you're seeing things in a better way...

I guess i just have to hope the facts, he isn't from this area and he lives and works two hours away, will keep him from finding out.

you never deserve it,,,,and he willl never find out if you were discreet,,,he was doing much worse than you anyways,,things will work out for the best