I Miss Him

we were toghther for 7yrs but married for 3 before i left for legal reasons for 9 months. during those 9 months he started having an affair with someone who was suppose to be a frirend of mine. at first it was just sex. then back in july he up and dissapeared for 2 weeks when he was finally found with our son he had moved in with her. she tries to play mommy to my son and he blows our son off for her. the judge said she isnt suppose to watch our son at all he is suppose to send him here to me until he gets off work. then i find him doing things that i always asked for us to go do. when we talk on the phone we still say we love eachother and when he picks our son up for his week he still kisses me. im very confused cuz i want our marriage back. but know she controlls his every move which is something he use to hate. maybe i dont need our marriage back i need to just tell him not to say he loves me and try to move on.
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I would not reciprocate in any way to do so would only serve his own comfort and not yours. He doesn't understand you are not together anymore. I would be amicable and that is it.

i think he understands a little better then i seam to he is the one with a girlfriend