Hey EP friends,

I just want to say thanks to all my friends on EP who helped me along the way this past summer in terms of dealing with a divorce and the BS that goes with it.

My friends on here really helped alot. Settlling my fears, helping me to calm myself through my pain and unhappiness and those who were just a listerning ear that I needed when I cried myself into exhaustion.

I AM OFFICIALLY DIVORCED as of December 3rd, 2012 @ 11:53 a.m.

What a long rode it has been, going through wondering whether I wanted a divorce twice, to finally filing, and moving out of my home. I HAS BEEN a hard journey.

I managed to stay calm, cool, perservere, and move on despite tension, stress, uneasiness, hurt, pain, resentment, hopelessness. I found some inner strength to FLY.

To all my ladies who are going through the same ordeal, tell yourself that THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

Don't get too scared, move through the storm.
Don't become overhwhelmed, stay calm
Don't short change yourself, give yourself the best - time, healing, etc.
Don't think you can't do it.....YOU CAN DO IT

Now is the time to HEAL. My next mission is to heal the broken wing dragonfly I have become. I intend on taking a vacation very soon to start the process. It has been a very difficult time of my life. With help, tough love, care, and forgiveness I hope be on the road to recovery soon.

Continue to inspire me - to the next phase,

chie5189 chie5189
Dec 4, 2012