The Irony Of It All

Been married 28 years and the last 10 have been steadily going downhill. About a year and a half ago, under pressure from me for an answer, my W said she wanted a divorce. She said it with no emotion and with conviction....I was devastated. Between then and now, she has done nothing....and I mean nothing to improve the situation or to move forward with a divorce. But, whenever I asked questions, she pushes back with the threat...saying things like "a divorce is long overdue" and "I will initiate". But.....nothing ever happens. So, I consulted with an attorney and now have started the legal process. The W will be served with divorce papers right after the holidays. That's the irony....I'm the one who didn't want the divorce, wanted reconcilliation, wanted to rebuild the marriage and now I'm the one filing for divorce. Unreal.

Anyone else out there in a similar situation....doing the 180?

Thanks and best wishes to all of you going through a divorce this holiday heart goes out to you and your families.
Buroak Buroak
51-55, M
2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

We've come so far since then Buroak. What a painful journey. Personally, Dec 2012 was one of the darkest months for me. I'm so glad we pushed through the pain to the other side.

Ironic but maybe not considering your thought process. Maybe she feels it needs to be done but doesn't really know how to follow through. From your writings you seem like a level headed, cognitive person. Once you realized this was what was needed you did it. She doesn't have the faculty too maybe.