You Dont Really Know Who You Married Until You Get A Divorce

I got married way too young. I was only 18 and the guy I married I had only known for two months. I was young and I dont even know why I got married. Everything was great at first but then I slowly started losing friends and drifting away from my family to be with him. I felt he was all I needed to be happy. Unfortunately he didnt feel the same. He started to become possesive when i would go out with friends but would leave me all alone at home to go out with his friends. I moved out of the country to his hometown into a small apartment I didnt know anyone so I would stay all alone while he would go out with his friends . I started seeing text messages from other girls from his past and i felt trapped and betrayed. I came back to my country and he came back two weeks later to be with me . we didnt understand each other anymore because all he wanted to do was drink and be with friends and i wanted to study and get ahead in life. We got into a huge argument once and he punched me in the face and kicked me out of the house. My aunt went to go pick up my stuff and I changed my number and everything to get away from him. He started emailing me and I agreed to meet up with him for closure and to get all the divorce papers done.He started to tell me his life was a mess without me, that he missed me that he was willing to give up everything for me and I forgave him. We got back together and i found out i was 5 months pregnant with his baby. We were both really happy for about two months and i moved back in with him despite my family not agreeing with me. Slowly he started going back to his old aggresive self. He would leave me all alone to be with his friends and i felt like he never wanted to be with me. I had the baby and he would rather be with his friends drinking than being with me and his newborn baby. I eventually started to get tired of him and giving him new oportunitieswhen i would try to leave he would tell me he would change. I moved out with my baby. He insulted me hit me and called me a thief when i went to go pick up my stuff. All he does is insult me whenever he calls and he hasnt been helping me with the baby. Right now we are going through a divorce and a custody battle. I feel all alone and sad but I am happy to be with my baby and away from a man that never loved me or wanted to be with me. I hope this site will help me go through all of this I want to stay strong but it is really hard especially with all the harsh words from him and with a baby in the middle. I now know who he really is and it hurts me to have wasted two years of my life with a person like this.
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<p>Just remember what you have written here and never go back to that abusive user of women, no matter how much sweet talking he does. Someone like that will never change. You need to find a man who loves you more than he loves himself and will treat you and your child with the love and respect you deserve. You are in my prayers! Danny</p>

glad your free of him and the way he treated you

So sorry. Well 2 is better than 20. Good for you on leaving and making a hard choice but one that's best for you and your child. Good luck.