My heart is broken as we approach Valentine's Day....a marriage gone terribly bad. I know I made the right choice to end the abusive relationship but how do I move forward with my heart? It hurts so bad as the tears fall from my eyes and down my cheeks. Not the pain of him but the pain of a failed relationship and anger towards God. How much does he think I can handle? Not only is it the end of a marriage, but 3 kids to raise on my own, no family close by, and then he has to stalk me too. How do you not be angry with God?
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Just to let you know that God is not the cause of our suffering. We're the one whose doing it; in every action there's is an equal reaction, that's the law of nature. It so sad that most of the time we're always blaming God or other people for our unhappiness, our suffering but in fact we're all responsible for whatever misdeed we had done in the past. Sometimes, we experience happiness or blessing that is the result of our good deeds in the past. That's the law of karma. When you did something good, you'll reap good and if you did something bad the result will be the same.

You may not know that you did something wrong in the past, (i wont discuss, its a very big subject matter) in your past life but as we can see you're just reaping the reaction for now.

God love us unconditionally, He doesnt like us suffering. He is the most in pain to see us suffering. But because it's our desire to stay in this world, to live separate from Him we experienced suffering, longing for something because we cannot be satisfied by matter. we have to understand that we're not matter, we're spiritual in nature therefore matter cannot really satisfied us.

And since that we're spiritual, we need spiritual food for us to be happy and that is to link-up ourselves for the Supreme spiritual Being-God. You're in a very sad, and stressed situation now, what you can do is ask God's protection, He's the one who can help you and alleviate all the things you're facing now. It's good to be in that condition, in fact that's mercy, it is the time to fully surrender to Him and accept whatever it is. In that way we become closer to Him; when we call God always, we become closer and closer to him and out attachment in this world decrease. When we have less attachment in this world, we will experience less suffering also.

We are like a fish that we want to live in the land but since that land is not his natural habitat, he may experience sadness, longing and later on he will die. Similarly, we're not belong in this world. You're problem is not that big, the real problem is how to be out in this world and go back home. As long as we have material body, pain and suffering is on and on and on.

Most of us, when we get into this kind of problem, our whole life is always looking, trying to solve so-called problem and we didnt noticed that time is running and you'll realize that you're leaving your body already and then booom!!! You have to leave and acquire a new body again. And it is always repeated; that is the cycle of repeated birth and death.

Only God can heal us, He is the only shelter and refuge. Hold on to Him and He'll give you the understanding to come to know Him and go back to our real home. He loves you so much, He's always waiting for you to turn back to Him. Love Him, its only love can truly free us from fear, anger and anxiety.

The Lord is close to those whose hearts are breaking. Ps 34:18
Believe that better days are ahead. It is the only thing that is getting me through the worst heartache of my life. I know how the tears just fall and fall....but I think that tears keep us soft on the inside, not bitter. It is the souls ways to find healing. So let the tears fall. I know the agony and pain you are going through and how you are forced to find strength to keep going.....yet all you want to do is hide away. Another little verse that helps me is "When doubts fill my mind, when my heart is in turmoil, quiet me and give me renewed hope and cheer" Ps 94:19

Thank you for those words if encouragement!

I'm so sorry, I'm going through a similar divorce. Mine is an alcoholic an was abusive, and also has stalked me too, but the sad thing for me is I'm taking it so hard not only mentally but physically trying to get over this empty lonely hole left in my heart. So I feel you pain trust me and would love to listen anytime you need someone.

Put your own oxygen mask on first and then assist any one travelling with you.

I am not religious, but if god exists i am not sure you can blame him for the break-up of your marriage. Things happen, **** happens!. Hope things get easier for you.